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Delaware St. John: Volume 3: The Seacliff Tragedy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Main game screen
The game mechanics are explained in a short tutorial.
Initially, only the first story can be unlocked. The second part becomes available later in the game.
Introduction sequence
Meet the cast: Kelly, Simon and John.
Title screen
Entering the park; navigating around is quite confusing at first.
The flashlight gives a nice effect.
There is no general map, but you can look up your position at several parts of the park.
This article tells more about the history of the Krandall family.
Exploring a kitchen.
One of the first more complex puzzles involves a safe.
Click these Shadow People quickly before they get to you.
The stairs of one of the rides
Kelly just saw a woman disappearing over the hill.
Everything in the park looks abandoned.
Kelly meets miss Rose, a fortune-teller.
The maze in the sewers is one of the most difficult puzzles.
John has a vision about this funhouse.
Just a moment ago, Adam was playing here.
Notice the footsteps.
The funhouse has another maze.
The new character Katherine has an important role in the game.
First part completed, on to the next story.
Kelly attacked by a hunter.
A note... now to find the puzzle it is needed for.
Strange drawings
There are three fuses missing in the fuse boxes.
The carousel
A mechanical horse race