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Delaweare Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen. Unusually, there's no music playing.
Help screen
Beginning of the game. Our status bar is at the bottom.
What's this cube thing?...
This was the first track, and our first weapon (apart from the fists we start out with).
A roving sphere?
It's clearly hostile. Let's return fire.
Beware of these spheres - they can be rather deadly.
Looking out on the landscape.
Exchanging shots with a sphere far away.
After grabbing the next track, our view is tinted blue for a few seconds.
Now this is a powerful weapon.
Diving underwater to see what we can find
And here's yet another track.
This one allows us to toss green spiky spheres.
All four tracks found, and we receive a foreboding message.
Blasting the boss from a safe distance
The end. All this took less than ten minutes.