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Darkstation (Aug 06, 2013)
My biggest worry with Dragon Commander was that it would feel too disjointed by having so many different components of gameplay, but I didn’t feel like that was the case for most of the campaign. Very few games manage to combine genres while doing justice to them, so it’s impressive that Larian was able to do so with genres synonymous with depth. Divinity: Dragon Commander is an excellently written and polished blend of action, RPG, and strategy that delivers on each front without feeling disjointed or glaringly weak in any one area. It’s a game in which each component meshes together well as a whole package, and the end result is a fantastic genre mixing title that is both entertaining and thoughtfully constructed.
Girl Gamers UK (Aug 19, 2013)
Mixing in the narrative-based decisions with real-time and turn-based strategy, and then throwing in some third-person, arcade-style dragon controlling, could well of ended in disaster. Many multi-genre games fail simply due to being a jack-of-all-trades. But Larian Studios have fared better than most with Divinity: Dragon Commander. It is not the prettiest game ever, and neither is it the deepest, but it is certainly entertaining, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.
It’s no small accomplishment that Larian Studios managed to achieve the better possibility: all the various parts of the game are quite good, and fit together beautifully – but none of them are truly amazing. Not exactly the biggest flaw in the world, that one. A more noteworthy flaw, however, would be in the game’s multiplayer community. Put simply, there isn’t much of one: multiplayer matches are pretty hard to come by, and I don’t see that improving in the near future. The game does offer skirmish options for those who don’t necessarily want to dive into the campaign anew, and the lan/online multiplayer may be taken advantage of by groups of gamers who tend to play with each other. Just don’t pick this up hoping to graduate from the campaign to a major and thriving online community – for all practical purposes, consider this to be a singleplayer game first and foremost. And a damn good one at that.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 05, 2013)
Das Ergebnis sprüht nur so vor Kreativität, aber auch vor Ehrgeiz: So viele unterschiedliche Spielelemente zu verbinden, ist keine leichte Aufgabe. Und tatsächlich gelingt es nicht auf ganzer Front. Sowohl die Echtzeitstrategie als auch die Reichsverwaltung auf der Strategiekarte bieten deutlich weniger Tiefgang als Spiele, die sich nur auf einen dieser Aspekte konzentrieren. Aber bei all seinen Macken bietet Dragon Commander ein Gesamterlebnis, das mir so noch nie untergekommen ist - und das ist heutzutage viel zu selten.
It’s a shame that so many people are opposed to the idea of a new-direction for the Divinity series. Even if its main story leaves much to be desired and some of its rules aren’t presented particularly well, Dragon Commander is a whole lot of fun. I urge everyone, even skeptical Divinity fans, to give Dragon Commander a shot — especially if they’re amused by the notion of a dragon wearing a jet pack.
GamesRadar (Aug 05, 2013)
Dragon Commander is fun, challenging, and filled with decisions to make. You’ll experience a little bit of everything from choosing a wife to deciding whether your army could benefit from having zeppelin bombers. Every individual component works so well that you might even wish the game would have focused more on a specific area or genre. This doesn’t hurt the game, but like its aerial controls, it leaves you wanting more. Still, Dragon Commander manages to combine all of its different gameplay elements and delivers one cohesive experience that's highly worth playing.
An invigorating mix of snooty lizardmen, jetpacking dragons, absorbing political decisions and strategy of both turn-based and real-time hues.
Vandal Online (Aug 09, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander ha conseguido salvar la papeleta que ha supuesto el cambio radical de género que ha sufrido la saga con esta entrega de una forma más que notable. Su acertada mezcla entre estrategia en tiempo real, por turnos y decisiones políticas resulta de lo más atractiva y estamos seguros de que casi cualquier amante del género sabrá disfrutarlo plenamente. Hay detalles mejorables, como un tutorial muy mal implementado y que no enseña a jugar debidamente, la gestión de unidades en forma de dragón, su olvidable historia o el hecho de que no se haya traducido a nuestro idioma. Pero si buscáis un buen título con el que pasar tardes enteras poniendo a prueba vuestras dotes como estratega, lo nuevo de Larian Studios sabrá recompensaros.
ZTGameDomain (Aug 09, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander is a classic example of the sum of the whole being greater than its individual parts. Separating each part to itself, it feels as though it’s been done better elsewhere. The turn based strategy was a lot more compelling in Civ 5 and the real time strategy was a lot more interesting in Starcraft 2. However, put everything together into one single package and I can safely say that there is no other game quite like it out there. It’s the foundation of something that could be a classic. Like the first person to ever put together peanut butter and jelly, now they just gotta put it on some bread.
GameSpot (Aug 09, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander is a gem. The flaws are overshadowed by the role playing, the politics, the humor, and of course, the dragon in a jetpack. You may not have ever dreamed of a grand strategy game in which the generals are steampunk dragons, and you can marry a skeleton. Thankfully, someone at Larian did, and the end result is a lot of fun.
IGN Italia (Aug 16, 2013)
Non mi aspettavo molto da questa svolta strategica di Larian Studios, ma il team belga ha fatto davvero un buon lavoro nel proporre un ibrido RTS-tattico-gestionale pieno di cose da fare, ben equilibrato, tecnicamente all'altezza e con incursioni persino action da gustarsi soprattutto negli skirmish online. Certo, sarà un bello shock per chi si aspettava una nuova avventura in stile Ego Draconis, ma se amate anche solo un po' la strategia e siete rimasti colpiti dal mondo di Rivellon, Divinity: Dragon Commander non vi deluderà.
80 (Aug 26, 2013)
Når et spill har så mange ulike elementer som dette øker selvsagt risikoen for at det også inneholder noe du ikke liker. Men om du har sansen for strategi og rollespill, og setter pris på spill som ikke tar seg selv alt for høytidelig, tror jeg du vil finne mye glede i Dragon Commander. Det er et herlig sammensurium av ideer, og ulikt det meste annet på markedet i dag.
80 (Aug 09, 2013)
Avec Divinity Dragon Commander, Larian Studios remporte le pari un peu fou de développer un titre mélangeant jeu de rôle, wargame au tour par tour, STR et TPS. Une réussite, quelque peu entachée par des phases en temps réel limitées stratégiquement et un peu trop répétitives. Cela étant dit, l'action, la richesse de l'histoire et tous les choix offerts au joueur compensent largement.
PCGamesN (Aug 06, 2013)
Though the diverse phases of turn-based, real-time and political shenanigans all compete for attention, Larian Studios has managed to tie them altogether into interlocking systems rather than leaving them as intriguing, yet disparate elements. There’s a lack of focus, and the turn-based portion of Dragon Commander could have benefited from a greater level of fleshing out, but the whole experience remains highly entertaining from start to finish. Rather than merely being a silly break from Larian’s action RPGs, this is one of the studio’s strongest titles. And let us not forget, it features dragons with jetpacks, and that’s just wonderful.
80 (Aug 09, 2013)
Die augenzwinkernde Fantasy im Steampunk-Ambiente schmunzelt über ihren Gegenwartsbezug ohne albern zu sein. Die politischen und gesellschaftlichen Entscheidungen zwingen mich sogar zum Nachdenken: Halte ich an meinen Idealen fest oder opfere ich für strategische Vorteile Menschenleben? Andere Bausteine funktionieren allerdings weniger gut. Vor allem das Trial&Error der hektischen Echtzeittaktik setzt dem Abenteuer zu; der schnelle Klick ist leider wichtiger ist als clevere Finesse. Der rundenstrategische Feldzug ist hingegen fordernd, geht ohne Handel und Diplomatie aber kaum in die Tiefe. Unterm Strich lebt Divinity: Dragon Commander von seinem ungewöhnlichen Szenario sowie der durchdachten Verknüpfung seiner politischen, strategischen und taktischen Bausteine. Und von einzigartigen Momenten, in denen meine Verwandlung zum Drachen einen wichtigen Kampf entscheidet. Die Summe seiner Einzelteile mag also ernüchtern. Mein Herz hat das sympathische Abenteuer allerdings erobert.
PC Games (Germany) (Aug 07, 2013)
Wer ein beinhartes Profi-Strategiespiel mit zig raffinierten Einheiten, komplexen Wirtschaftssystemen und viel Abwechslung sucht, findet woanders bessere Alternativen. Wer aber etwas Neues ausprobieren und dabei auch gerne mal schmunzeln mag, liegt bei Dragon Commander richtig: Vor allem die fein geschriebenen Charaktere mit ihren ausufernden Dialogen haben mir prima gefallen, aber auch das gelungene Design und die flott spielbaren Echtzeitgefechte hinterlassen einen guten Eindruck. Dass die Story hauchdünn ist, kann ich ja noch verschmerzen, aber der immergleiche Missionsaufbau mit ein und denselben Einheiten ist mir auf Dauer doch zu eintönig. Darum erklimmt der mutige Genre-Mix vielleicht nicht unsere obersten Wertungsregionen – doch das hindert mich nicht daran, Larian Studios’ sympathischem Werk eine klare Empfehlung auszusprechen.
IGN (Aug 06, 2013)
As I floated high in the sky, surveying the land while my vast hordes of soldiers marched uncontested towards my foe's final citadel, the occasional control woes and frayed edges I encountered along the way didn't seem quite as glaring as they initially had. For whatever else Dragon Commander is, it's also a game that puts big issues on the main stage, then lets us reap the rewards and shoulder the consequences of their decisions without moral judgment. For that reason alone, it's worth a look.
Games Arena (Aug 24, 2013)
Ar trebui sau nu să jucați Divinity: Dragon Commander? Fără îndoială, da. Însă e genul de joc care nu își depășește suma părților. Vă va surprinde prin originalitate și îndrăzneală, pentru ca apoi să vă dezamăgească prin simplitate și superficialitate. Recomandat pentru cei care apreciază stilul Larian Studios și au simțul umorului, dar nu pentru cine caută un joc de strategie complex.
Game Informer Magazine (Aug 08, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander has a lot of layers. I enjoyed the Risk-like strategy of spreading my army across a world map as I sabotaged my opponent’s units using different battle cards, but I dreaded the slog of each RTS battle. If Larian Studios can refine their battle system then it might have a strategy series that appeals to a wider audience, but right now only hardcore strategy fans feel safe under this commander’s wings.
Destructoid (Aug 10, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander is a prime example of a game being bigger than the sum of its parts. The RTS elements are a bit rough, but at least it's possible to control a dragon with a freaking jetpack to blow stuff up, while the boardgame-esque territory map requires players to think of the big picture. Talking to the colorful cast of NPCs aboard the Raven in between turns in single-player was easily one of my favorite non-dragon parts of the game and really highlights the writing and wit that the Divinity series has come to be known for. The tutorial needs a lot of work and the game isn't very friendly to colorblind players, but Divinity: Dragon Commander will certainly unleash the dragon strategist in all of us.
Divinity: Dragon Commander è un minestrone di elementi interessanti, che sarebbe potuto essere davvero grande se non fosse stato per un po' di leggerezza dimostrata in alcune delle sue componenti fondamentali. Anche così com'è, comunque, si tratta di un gioco riuscito che consigliamo di provare non tanto all'appassionato di strategia duro e puro, quanto piuttosto al giocatore in cerca di qualcosa di diverso dal solito e dotato di una forte componente narrativa. Strategia e azione si mescolano piacevolmente, facendo a lunghi tratti scomparire i difetti, che in altri momenti si palesano invece sotto forma di frustrazione e noia. Peccato infine per il prezzo, che non invoglia all'acquisto chi è in vena di fare una scommessa.
Spazio Games (Aug 19, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander è un'occasione parzialmente sprecata. Da una parte è uno strategico ricco di elementi da tenere in considerazione, inserito in un'ambientazione interessante, e pieno zeppo di idee originali. Dall'altra però il suo gameplay semplicistico durante le battaglie, lo scarso bilanciamento del gioco in singolo, e l'incapacità degli sviluppatori di approfondire certe meccaniche ispirate come le l'uso delle carte o del drago in battaglia, abbassano la qualità generale del gioco a "solo buono". Anche se un po' delusi, non possiamo comunque non fare i complimenti a Larian per l'originalità, e sperare che riescano a sfruttare il loro talento in progetti altrettanto peculiari in futuro. Le basi ci sono, e sembrano quantomai solide.
Edge (Aug 08, 2013)
It’s very silly, Dragon Commander. It’s a game in which you legislate on universal healthcare and fair trade before beating your scaled, leathery wings across a battlefield. But it hangs together because its distinct strands feed into one another just enough, even if that relationship is as crude as a dialogue tree leading to you gaining a stat-altering card that you can play during the campaign phase. Decisions have consequences in Dragon Commander, and that’s something any budding leader, dragon or not, needs to know.
70 (Aug 08, 2013)
An utterly bizarre mix of influences that tries to squeeze in far more elements than would ever be deemed sensible, but somehow manages to work despite it all.
70 (UK) (Aug 22, 2013)
Everything in Dragon Commander (aside from these bosoms) is slightly underdeveloped. Still, what Larian has created is a coherent and idiosyncratic game that's remarkably enjoyable if you're a strategy fan who wants something less po-faced than the Total War series. None of the individual elements is particularly good but, together, they form something that's a lot more entertaining than you might expect; perhaps more entertaining than it deserves to be. Avoid the boring battles and instead focus on grand strategy and gay rights, and you'll find fun, imperfection, character, lovely visuals and occasional plot surprises in this ridiculous and very colourful game.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 22, 2013)
Most of the humour comes from gently mocking over-familiar elements of the fantasy world, like the skeleton barmaid who, in the absence of traditional cleavage has instead opted for two strategically placed pumpkins. A brasher game would make that joke front and centre, but Dragon Commander happily allows it to sit in the background. There’s also a strange pleasure to be had in making major decisions on contemporary political and social issues, and then seeing how this universe’s bizarre collection of characters react to them. If you can look past Divinity: Dragon Commander‘s shortcomings, you’ll find a charming and unique experience.
70 (Sep 05, 2013)
Tirando le somme Divinity: Dragon Commander si presenta come un mix di generi divertente ma poco rifinito. L'idea di coadiuvare gameplay diversi per creare un'esperienza più profonda è ottima, ma perde molto del suo fascino non appena ci si accorge della mancanza di profondità dei singoli generi. Si ha sempre l'impressione che manchi qualcosa, dai dialoghi non eccessivamente rifiniti della prima fase, al semplicistico sistema di risorse nella battaglia. Nel complesso, però, il gioco è godibile.
GameFront (Aug 10, 2013)
Sit through enough of these diplomatic sessions, and you may realize that you look forward to them more than the core strategy gameplay. Divinity: Dragon Commander oddly finds its comfort zone when it’s focused on interpersonal relationships rather than on sweeping tales of high adventure, and that’s bad news for players looking for anything resembling a truly challenging strategy experience on the battlefield. Divinity: Dragon Commander can be fun despite that important caveat, but it’s a relaxed brand of fun that’ll appeal more to the RPG crowd than to the fast-fingered masters of StarCraft II or Total War. Divinity? Nah, it doesn’t even reach Cloud Nine. But Larian’s strange concoction of multiple genres allow its dragons to get off the ground, and for long enough to make the trip a memorable one.
The Escapist (Aug 06, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander has a unique setting and interesting characters, but its real time and turn based strategy elements don't hold up to its narrative aspects.
Quarter to Three (Aug 12, 2013)
Divinity: Dragon Commander is a turn-based and real time strategy role playing video game developed by Larian Studios as part of the Divinity series of fantasy role-playing games. The game features a hybrid of gameplay styles, broken up into three phases which affect each other. The first phase has gameplay in the style of an RPG, and has been compared to Mass Effect, where the player has conversations with multiple non-player characters and makes decisions which affect the story and the gameplay in the other two phases. In this RPG phase, the player can research abilities, influence factions, and receive cards which can be traded in for special effects in the other two phases. The other phases are an RTS and turn-based strategy game. Yeah, it's pretty crazy.