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Dora the Explorer: Animal Adventures Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Sign in, choose color & sticker, and ¡Vamanos!
Diego explains the problem.
Hmmm, where to now? Oh I know - let's ask Map!
And Map comes to the rescue...
In the canopy-find the animals that were lost in the storm...
...and take their pictures for your Field Journal.
Do the same on the river... the understory...
...and, oops! The jaguar's spots fell off!
Match the animals hiding out at Dark Mountain.
Here you need to "move like the animals" to rescue a baby jaguar.
Gusty the Explorer star helps out at a particularly tricky spot.
Journey downriver through an obstacle course... rescue this baby howler monkey.
Feeding a hungry spider monkey.
Here's your field journal.
All the photos you took are here and you can make your own scenes.
Checking out Dora's music maker.