Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The character-import screen is simple.
Loading Screen
You don't know why you need a wizard in the party? For the special effects of course!
Please, no tears. We're five minutes into the game and have already seen many good people die. So he's not that special.
That's one of the new Dark-Spawn-breed - he can talk!
Although you're the commander, you still have to do everything by yourself...
New this time: Armor Runes.
Unlocked a new specialisation.
It hasn't even been a day since I took command over Vigil's Keep and already those nobles are pestering me.
That girl has serious Dark-Spawn-problems.
Doing what wizards do best: Casting an AOE-spell.
"More side-quests please!"
Nathaniel activated the aura "Arrow of Time" (see the yellow circle).
Fighting some bad guys in front of the gates of Amaranthine (what else).
Achievement unlocked in the church of Amaranthine.
Two specialisations for each class have been added.
That werewolf is another bug - he won't attack us nor can we attack him.
I guess the first one has a problem with me.
Oghren looks good with all those special effects.
There are some tough boss-fights in the game.
Awww - what a cute kittie!
Deep down under Vigil's Keep.
Those skeletons didn't like me disturbing the slumber of some ghosts.
Hot chick in the woods - yeah, baby!
An enemy casted a magical prison on me.
Fighting some big and angry trees.
The game again features some more or less simple riddles.
The architect - is he the bad guy, or isn't he? I won't say.
One of the few riddles in the game. Tip: In the release version there's a bug in this area. Just walk forward and you'll drop down to the chest.
One dragon baby down, one to go.
That's the lands you'll spend your time during the add-on.
Oghren has a big fucking sword.
Fighting some steelgolems protecting a coffin.
Dialogues are again multiple choice.
That's one way of having a barfight.
This dragon you've to find first in order to kill it.
That guy is protecting mother.
Meet the whole family. Of course I won't tell you who is who.
The way to Mother's lair is littered with her children.