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Drake of the 99 Dragons Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Battling Tang's Reanimated Cyborg.
Looking at this screen one might think the game ain't all that bad. Don't be deceived.
And here, my friends, is the currier - you are supposed to chase him...
..but his scripting breaks down more often than not, getting him stuck. Just ignore him, and keep following the mission path.
Getting assaulted by goons armed with.. nothing! All they do is wave their hands at you!
Mmmm, purty explosions. If you turn the camera away from them, then turn it back 2 minutes later - they will still be there!
Another semi-pretty screen - the collision map for this stage is nightmarish!
Shooting at some random goon.
Fighting the car boss.
Even though this car boss explodes and stops firing at you, he keeps following his movement path indefinitely.
Fighting a giant goon boss.
Getting nailed by homing missiles of a Master Cyborg.
Lots of breakable crap
A morgue! Shooting the lockers will release red souls... those hurt you.
This boss' AI often breaks down and just stops in its tracks.
You would think that the final stages of a shooting game would be shooting-intensive, but it's all platforming instead!
Main menu
Comic story
Follow ghost thief
Soul under roof
Exploding car