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Gaming Nexus (Jun 03, 2013)
This is a huge game and this review could go on and on, but the basic verdict is clear: this is a really good game, not terribly original but with excellent TBS mechanics. Its fatal flaw is poor implementation: the interface is bad-to-middling, it is too difficult even on the easiest setting, and is deplorably buggy. I will go out on a limb and say that given some more love and (lots) more patches, “Eador: Masters of a Broken World” could become a classic in its genre. If you're a fantasy TBS fan you should definitely pick this up (it's only 20 bucks) and watch the patches roll in.
Game Informer Magazine (Apr 29, 2013)
Eador’s problems are disappointing. This is a remake of Eador: Genesis, which is basically a one-man project from 2009 with primitive graphics and a simple-but-functional interface. The design is largely unchanged, but the small tweaks like faster progression through the campaign and unique rules for each shard are welcome. The improved presentation and small improvements to the gameplay are nearly overshadowed by technical problems, though. As encouraged as I am by the patches Snowbird has already released for Masters of the Broken World (it was much worse when it first launched), and as much as I adore the ideas it is built on, my recommendation has to come with serious caveats. Despite its often-disastrous implementation, Eador’s design is worth your time – a testament to its strength.
Eador. Masters of the Broken World è la copia esatta del suo predecessore, con più cerone sulla faccia. Se avete giocato Genesis recentemente, l'acquisto può essere giustificato soltanto dalla voglia di provarlo in multiplayer o di vedere le novità grafiche (anche se quest'ultimo aspetto è davvero relativo). Chi lo abbia sorvolato, sappia che Eador è un ottimo strategico a turni, dotato di una grandissima profondità e di meccaniche abbastanza diverse rispetto alla media del genere. Permane purtroppo una certa macchinosità dell'interfaccia, con alcuni elementi, soprattutto informativi, che potevano essere esplicitati meglio. Merita comunque una promozione rispetto al fratello maggiore e quindi, merita di essere tenuto in considerazione.
GameFront (May 02, 2013)
Eador: Masters of the Broken World alternates between extremes. It is complicated in one instance, and simple in the next. It seems generic at first, but then shows its uniqueness in setting and granular game mechanics. It’s a game by strategy enthusiasts, for strategy enthusiasts. Once you look past the awkward, pimply exterior, a game of surprising interest looks back. Eador is distinctly Russian, and that makes it both endlessly fascinating and thoroughly confusing.
80 (May 09, 2013)
Masters of the Broken World er herlig. Jeg vil ikke nøle med å anbefale tilhengere av strategispill å kjøpe det. Men med litt ekstra finpuss kunne det vært mye mer. Dette høres kanskje ut som en overdrivelse, men etter å ha brukt et stort antall timer på både Genesis og Masters of the Broken World, er jeg overbevist om at det ligger et tierspill begravd her. Spillet er svært nær ved å nå potensialet sitt, men det snubler i siste sving og tryner i en vanngrav full av småting. Dermed må det ta til takke med en imponerende, men likevel litt skuffende, sølvmedalje.
Mana Pool (Apr 24, 2013)
I want to stress, this is still a good game! Worth playing, and great to see they haven’t broken anything that didn’t need fixing. It also looks great, rather than something I might have played in the late nineties. I’d still say it’s well worth a go. But you could basically go and read my initial review. There’s nothing new here that I need to talk about, other than the graphics. Given I can buy the original for £4, whereas the shiny new one costs £12.50 (prices based on GOG, converted from dollars), I guess it totally depends on how highly you prize looks over substance. Personally, I don’t think the improved look is worth the extra cash, especially for long-term fans of the series who might be expecting more of a sequel, but that’s just me. I’m all about internal value over looks. Just ask my wife.
79 (Jun 05, 2013)
Eador bietet gelungene Rundentaktik für Fans von Spielen wie Heroes of Might & Magic, King's Bounty & Co. Die Präsentation mag zwar unspektakulär, der Spielverlauf wiederholungsanfällig, die stets nur vorübergehende Charakterbindung gewöhnungsbedürftig sein. Dafür gibt es aber eine große Vielfalt an verbesserbaren Einheiten und Gebäuden, optionale Questeinsätze sowie eine sehr umfangreiche dynamische Kampagne. Frei konfigurierbare KI-Geplänkel sind natürlich ebenfalls möglich, während man sich online oder via lokalem Hotseat-Modus auch mit Kontrahenten aus Fleisch und Blut messen kann. Langeweile sollte so schnell jedenfalls keine aufkommen, sobald man sich erst einmal zurechtgefunden und mit kleineren Tücken und Ungereimtheiten umzugehen gelernt hat - besonders einstiegsfreundlich ist Eador nämlich nicht, aufhören fällt anschließend aber umso schwerer.
Games Finder (Feb 24, 2014)
The blend of genres leads to a very interesting experience and also creates a level of depth that is well beyond other strategy games. If you are a patient gamer willing to learn all the games mechanics you’ll be rewarded with a fun and rewarding game that has plenty of replay value.
PC Games (Germany) (Jun 19, 2013)
Als Fan von Strategie-Schwergewichten wie Hearts of Iron oder Crusader Kings scheue ich grundsätzlich nicht davor zurück, mich in komplexe Spiele einzuarbeiten. Und genau von diesem Schlag ist auch Eador. Es hat mich einige Stunden sowie den Neustart eines kompletten Levels gekostet, bis ich die vielen Spielmechaniken größtenteils durchblickte und mir eine Erfolgsstrategie erarbeitete. Ab da vermochte mich diese Mischung aus HoMM und Age of Wonders mit seinen interessanten Spielideen und dem motivierenden Ausbau des Reiches durchaus zu fesseln. Jedenfalls eine Zeit lang. Bis klar war, wie monoton und abwechslungsarm die Kampagne verläuft.
Game Watcher (Jun 24, 2013)
Perhaps making it turn-based was the only way this game was going to work. In all honesty, forgoing the campaign mode and jumping straight in a skirmish might be a better proposition. Being restricted in terms of buildings, troops etc... only adds to the boredom factor on the earlier shards, but in a custom game you have no such restrictions. Eador is certainly challenging, which is to be applauded to some degree, but we can’t help but feel basic design choices hold it back as an experience. Perhaps they’ll be some way to fix this, perhaps not, but anyone looking to pick this game up should know they are in it for the long haul. The long, grinding haul.
70 (Oct 08, 2013)
Detto ciò, è anche vero che la pazienza richiesta in alcuni frangenti e alcune discutibili scelte di design vanno al di là del semplice amore per un genere che da sempre può godere di una coriacea nicchia di appassionati. Se appartenete a questa cerchia, valutatene pure favorevolmente l'acquisto, ma se cercate un titolo con cui introdurvi al genere, credo che onestamente ci siano altri titoli che possano soddisfare sicuramente in modo migliore le vostre esigenze.
Destructoid (May 16, 2013)
After a few patches, I finally managed to play it without fearing that I'd be dealing with a freeze or a crash every time I moved my hero, and I'm glad I stuck it out. It manages to capture what makes titles like HoMM or Kings Bounty so gripping without simply treading the same old ground. Yet it's still really quite flawed.
Darkstation (Jun 27, 2013)
Eador: Masters of the Broken World has a lot going for it, but it buries a lot of its strong points under layers of monotony and frustration. It is a tough, but not impossible, game to recommend. If you are a hard core PC turn-based strategy junkie, your options or rather limited. Eador can satisfy your appetite for a long time, if you can tolerate the early monotony and the meat grinder learning curve. On the other hand, the great strategy titles that this game shares elements with (Civilization, King’s Bounty, and Age of Wonders) are generally more fun this one. If you are hungry for some addictive turn-based strategy, you might be better served playing (or replaying) one of those titles.
GameSpot (May 14, 2013)
Any enjoyment derived from Eador: Masters of the Broken World is buried beneath a landslide of inexcusable technical issues. Building up a home base and expanding into the world should be rewarding, but frequent and unfair bugs make any progress feel less like victory and more like a stroke of good luck. Some serious patches could uncover the game buried beneath the flaws, but as of right now, playing Masters of the Broken World not worth the headache. In this high-fantasy world of trolls, archers, and the undead, it's a shame that your most dreadful enemy is the game itself.
We simply can’t get over how appropriate Eador‘s subtitle is: this is a broken game on so many levels. To some degree, it’s almost insulting to play the thing. It was buggy, choppy, unstable, and generally lacking any kind of true gameplay adeptness. There’s a scant few saving graces. The management of one’s province, and the decision making involved in that task, is rewarding thanks to some serious depth. Furthermore, the combat and all involved there isn’t inherently flawed, just devoid of any kind of merit. But those merely capable mechanics aren’t enough to save the game from it being a mess. The poor graphics and overall tedium that sets in from the mind numbing pace certainly don’t do it any favors, either. I’ll just say it because I’m sick of beating around the bush: don’t buy it. Or do so only when you’ve run out of every conceivable option, and someone has a gun to your head demanding you purchase it. Until the bugs are ironed out, it’s just not worth the headache.