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Epistory: Typing Chronicles Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
A tutorial section very early in the game
A broad view of the first part of the game world
The typing is in progress, the first two letters turn black to show where you are in the word.
Treasure chests have fitting words to open them.
Burning Hollow is a large dungeon you can explore.
The last part of Burning Hollow is just a small path in an ocean of lava.
The arena sequence has been completed, an exit has opened to the right.
A new part of the game world is being built out of pieces of paper.
Bits of story are told to voice-acting and appear as text in the environment.
I do not have a sufficient amount of experience to enter this portal.
A small path in a swamp
A puzzle sequence in the middle of the forest
Another puzzle sequence, now with different symbols
Fighting some enemies with ice attacks. The word in the bottom left can only be formed using fire.
A puzzle section in the Drowning Halls
Preparing the ice attack for some creeping enemies.
Use the ice attack to turn water into a solid mass the fox can traverse.
A large treasure chest in the middle of the woods
A new piece of the environment is being built.
As you have not learned the sparkle magic, the words are incomprehensible.
Type in the words to make them explode.
Solving a puzzle in the cold desert of the Ice Mausoleum. It is tricky because the ice forces you to glide in one direction until an obstacle is encountered.
A new entrance discovered.
The ruins of a village
In Creation City you can type in words using sparkle magic to activate mechanical devices.
A top-down puzzle section involving doors.
The coloured tiles most likely will unlock a secret.
An arena section where you have to use fire magic.
The darkness of the Crystalline Mine
A puzzle section in the mine
Look for diamonds that bring light to the environment, also revealing words of items and enemies that are obscured otherwise.
The environment has been lit up.
A familiar puzzle section with symbols
Quickly find new words to keep the combo meter going.
The mine entrance
Running through the main Bridge world to find a new challenge.
A sufficient amount of experience is available to enter a new section.
Map of a small piece of the game environment
Title screen for the fourth chapter
Arena section against some enemies with fairly long words
A quick puzzle section
The Shattered Isles are a collection of islands floating in the sky. Here you need to use wind magic.
A path leading out of a temple
Each environment has fragments to restore photographs that reveal more of the story.
A puzzle involving wind magic.
A dark forest
A new part of the forest is being built.
As you can tell by the word, this is one of the tougher opponents to beat.
The upgrade screen with almost everything unlocked.
The Lost Desert is the last environment of the game.
Find a way to grab the treasure in the middle.
One the game's final scenes
Select one of the arenas from the main menu to replay them.