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Evil Genius Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

From the intro
Start menu
Funny little background animations everywhere
Loading screen of my evil good looking genius 8)
A view from the top of my eeeevil base
You are all overpaid, work harder!
You live, You this case to be a scientist.
Don't ask where the meat is from.
Good work son, but why do you shoot everyone in the crotch?
My evil genius is threaten by stereotypes! which country do I threaten next?
Evil employees always play pingpong
Okay soldier, back to your duty.
My isle, my base, my helicopter.
Intruder leaving the island, damn.
I bet those organizations regret sending their agents now!
Interrogations range from normal... the extreme, such as being squished in between bookcases.
This hole is for my soon to be completed doomsday device.
Holding cells can act as a fast way of executing prisoners.
Who doesn't love a megalomanical woman?
One sensor activates the wind trap, which pushes the victim over another sensor into a poison gas trap. Mmmm, fun!
Next time you'll think twice before stealing my stolen loot!
In the second half of the game you arrive at a new, tropical island.
Assigning minions to various professions.
Managing your minions' plotting and larceny around the world.
Torturing a James Bond lookalike with a laser while your evil genius watches. So classic.