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Flying Heroes Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Creating your pilot persona is the first step.
Once you've logged in, these are your options.
Single match mode allows you to construct a quake style deathmatch against a variety of AI pilots.
Matches can take place in a variety of terrain such as these winter mountains...
... or the magic islands...
... or the sandy temple...
... or the arctic wastes.
You can't actually crash so tight maneuvers like this aren't as harrowing as they look.
You can even "fly" underwater to engage the enemy.
A standard three place award ceremony awaits the victors.
After a match, each kill gives you money that can be used to upgrade your craft and weapons.
Career mode starts with choosing one of four clans to fly for.
Each clan has an animated tutor who will guide you through your career.
As your career progresses, you'll fight in a variety of league sanctioned battles.
You'll also fly some goal oriented missions.
Hundreds of other games let you shoot down flying saucers but only here can you try to kill a flying teapot.
The pilots and programmers pose for the post game credits.