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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.5
Overall User Score (33 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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NZGamer (Oct 10, 2012)
Honestly, I could write a lot more words about FTL. How intimidatingly complicated it all looks at first, even though after 15mins it all makes sense and is actually really simple. How crushing its difficulty is. How you’re able to unlock different ships for your sessions, or how there’s various alien races that can join your crew, all with unique attributes. But none of that really matters, since there’s really onto 3 things you need to know about FTL: 1. It’s amazing and you should definitely check it out. 2. It’s super cheap and is also one of the first Kickstarter success stories (a bit of trivia for you). 3. This game needs to be on iPad, now. So there you have it. FTL. It’s awesome. Get it.
IGN Germany (Apr 03, 2014)
Ich bin wieder verliebt. FTL kann auf dem iPad noch mehr begeistern als auf dem PC und dafür hätte es nicht mal die neuen Inhalte gebraucht, die das Spiel zu einer noch runderen und taktisch tieferen Erfahrung machen. Auch wenn ihr bei der Erwähnung des Wortes "Echtzeitstrategie" schon mit den Augen gerollt habt, solltet ihr FTL eine Chance geben und euch überraschen lassen, wie zugänglich das Genre sein kann und vor allem wie viel Zeit ihr in einem Spiel verlieren könnt, das "nur" für ein iPad erschienen ist. Los. Spielen.
Splitkick (Sep 18, 2012)
FTL is an outstanding game that is different than much of what is on the market. Despite its punishing and often arbitrary difficulty, the tutorial does a great job of teaching you the ropes and the interface is simple to grasp and easy to use. Even if the situation is out of your control, your ship never is. Some of your runs might be punishingly unfun, but the tension provides an excitement not unlike gambling: the potential that you’ll strike it big on your next jump. Take a chance on this one and you’ll lose several hours with string of defeats, but they payout in emotion you’ll feel. Jump in.
90 (Sep 28, 2012)
FTL er helt klart et af de federe spil der har ramt indie-scenen i de sidste par år, og der er så mange timers underholdende og udfordrende spil i det, at jeg vil mene, at de kunne tage det dobbelte for det, og det ville stadig være pengene værd. Jeg ved da, at jeg selv har sænket de første mange timer i det, og det ville undre mig hvis jeg ikke havde mange til gode endnu.
90 (Sep 26, 2012)
FTL er blant de få spillene som føles nærmest perfekt ved utgivelse, men likevel har et endeløst potensiale. En kan bare håpe at Subset Games fortsetter å bringe inn nytt innhold; kanskje til og med åpner for brukerlagde modifikasjoner. Uansett er dette målestokken for Kickstarter-spill fremover. Fortsetter det med denne kvaliteten kan vi bare glede oss.
90 (Oct 04, 2012)
Faster Than Light, c'est un rêve d'enfant devenu jeu vidéo. Aux commandes d'un tas de ferraille et de son équipage, vous commencerez par bomber le torse comme un gamin de 10 ans en tirant à vue. Puis la dure réalité des espaces infinis vous rattrapera, vos décisions coûteront des petites vies en pixel et vous finirez commandant en chef de votre propre échec. Mais c'est aussi et surtout parce qu'il malmènera votre innocence que vous allez aimer FTL.
Darkstation (Oct 02, 2012)
Gaming can be hit or miss when it comes to getting what you pay for. Sometimes, though, a game comes along that not only provides a good value proposition, but well exceeds what’s expected. As one of the first of the crowd-sourced games to come out of Kickstarter since Double Fine ran the table with donations for Double Fine Adventure, FTL begins to show that as a viable way to finance games. While having some small issues, like no compatibility with Steam’s Cloud service, I have no problem recommending this. Play FTL, I am sure it will enjoy killing you as much as it has me.
Polygon (Sep 21, 2012)
When those pensive synth strains of the soundtrack start seeping out of your speakers and you try to decide on what planet you'll start your journey, the only thing you can count on is the fiery death you're probably hurtling towards. Most playthroughs of FTL end the same way, but this pulse-poundingly vital, consistently surprising game manages to make death feel like merely the beginning of another great adventure.
Destructoid (Sep 20, 2012)
More than any other game I've played, more than the incredibly complex X series, more than the fanboy-titillating Star Trek: Bridge Commander, FTL made me feel like I was in command of a starship. Or, rather, a series of constantly exploding starships. If that's something you'd be into, and I certainly don't want to know you if it isn't, then do yourself a favor and grab FTL.
GameSpy (Sep 15, 2012)
It's exciting, it's challenging, and it makes space action feel fresh. Its setting does of course get familiar fairly quickly, and it doesn't take long for encounters to start repeating, but hopefully there'll be plenty of extra content on the way to keep everyone on their toes. If you're at all interested in the concept, and prepared to embrace death to get to it, check it out and get ready to be hooked on one of the best space games around.
90 (Oct 01, 2012)
FTL is a game that shows us the marvels that can be done when Kickstarter works. It’s a simple and cheap game, but engrossing and fun in a way that many modern AAA games lack, and it’s a blast to play. Considering it costs $10 on it’s official page, which gives you an Steam key and a DRM free copy (with a linux version, to boot!), it’s almost sacrilege not to buy it.
Atomic Gamer (Sep 26, 2012)
The ten bucks it costs to get into Faster Than Light won't be money well spent for every gamer out there, but if you are looking for a challenging roguelike strategy game with some intriguing ship management and light RPG systems built into it, then you owe it to yourself to check out this game. It doesn't have the most amazing of visual presentations, but much of that is made up for with addictive gameplay and that "just one more game!" factor that will keep you playing late into the night, long after you should have gone to sleep. You'll get to work bleary-eyed, but you'll have some great stories to tell. Admittedly, you're going to need to have some pretty nerdy co-workers if you want to entertain anyone with your stories of taking out the Rebel Flagship, but they'll still be some great memories.
Indie Game Reviewer (Sep 25, 2012)
FTL: Faster Than Light is one of those rare pleasures – a game that is difficult to compare to any other. Much of its gameplay is strategy, yet many would call it an adventure on an interstellar level. It calls itself a spaceship simulation and a roguelike and of those labels the former does the best job of properly conveying the feel of FTL; it is a game that aims to give the player that starship captain experience that, to my knowledge at least, doesn’t exist in quite this form anywhere else.
PC Gamer (Oct 09, 2012)
FTL feels like a project that’s been thoughtfully tweaked over several years. Features work hard and are well meshed. Texts are trim and nicely phrased. Even Ben Prunty’s twinkling soundtrack fits beautifully. Scanning the game’s impressive superstructure for vulnerable exhaust ports and shot traps, just about the only weakpoints I’ve managed to identify are the lack of personnel histories, and the painfully slow rate of vessel unlocks. A few lines illuminating the backgrounds of new crewmen, and some more generous blueprint dispensing would nudge this unmissable sci-fi story generator even closer to perfection.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 31, 2012)
In summary, Faster Than Light is a strange mixture of old-school difficulty and graphics, board game simplicity and depth, and the episodic nature of some casual games. It's a strange mixture that works. FTL is simple enough to jump right into, deep enough to spend a lot of time figuring it out, and tough enough to make it a real accomplishment to win. In FTL, just like Battlestar Galactica, everything is trying to kill you and every day is a struggle just to make it to the next day.
85 (Oct 03, 2012)
At $10 on steam, I would actually go so far as to say FTL is actually a steal. You should grab it if you can.
Inside Gaming (Sep 21, 2012)
Normally I’m confident in recommending a game to a specific group of people, but FTL hits such a weird cross section of game mechanics that it’s not so simple. Captaining a spaceship is a dream that many gamers have had for years, and FTL pulls it off near perfectly. If the difficulty, randomness, and repetition of roguelikes doesn’t scare you away, FTL will give you an experience you can’t find anywhere else.
GameTrailers (Sep 20, 2012)
The roguelike is all about desperation threaded with fleeting moments of triumph, and when you lay waste to an enemy vessel in FTL in spite of the odds, it’s all about triumph at its most profound. If you’ve every daydreamed about commanding a starship held together by sheer will by a bloodied, ragtag crew, these are 10 bucks very well spent.
Indius (Oct 20, 2012)
Faster Than Light est une incontestable réussite. Derrière un aspect qui peut rebuter par sa sobriété et une difficulté jamais rédhibitoire mais parfois frustrante se cache un véritable bijou de profondeur et d'inventivité. À n'en point douter, ce jeu possède un petit quelque chose, une étincelle qui nous pousse à y revenir souvent malgré les morts qui se suivent sans se ressembler. Riche, prenant, tactique, FTL est un titre à essayer absolument, vous ne le regretterez pas ! Vers l'infiniiii et au delààà !!!
85 (Oct 26, 2012)
FTL : Faster than Light est un des titres les plus captivants de cette fin d'année. Pour l'apprécier à sa juste valeur, il faut sans doute avoir été biberonné à la culture SF et avoir passé ses années de rôliste à crayonner des plans sur des feuilles quadrillées. Mais pour qui est encore capable de faire fonctionner son imagination à l'heure où prime l'utra-réalisme, c'est un véritable fantasme de geek qui prend corps. Vous comprendrez cela quand, pris sous le feu ennemi dans un champ d'astéroïdes, alors que vos boucliers sont HS, que vos réserves d'oxygène baissent dangereusement et que votre équipage tente désespérément d'éteindre l'incendie qui se propage à la salle des moteurs, vous en viendrez à en redemander. Car vous allez aimer ça !
New Game Network (Oct 03, 2012)
This game is simply phenomenal in one area, and merely adequate in every other. Faster Than Light strives to be the hands-down absolute best sci-fi ship-to-ship combat simulator, and it might just be taking home the trophy as far as gameplay is concerned. The trappings aren't quite as exciting, but that's not what you came for, was it, Captain?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 28, 2012)
FTL: Faster Than Light bewijst alweer dat de Roguelike-formule nog niet veel van zijn pluimen heeft verloren en zijn mannetje kan staan tussen de grote titels. Een kleine parel die moet gekoesterd worden.
Hooked Gamers (Oct 02, 2012)
FTL makes you feel like the veritable starship captain. You manage everything on your deck, from crew and equipment, to reactor power and system allocation. Combat is intense and pulse-pounding, testing your resolve and forcing you to make harsh decisions, trading temporary gains for permanent setbacks and vice versa. The learning curve is masterfully crafted and eases you in with a tutorial, then a starter ship, and then a ship that completely changes everything you know about combat. Never has the journey been more important than the destination in a video game. The destination is simply an after-thought, an end to a fun adventure, further diminishing its worth. The journey, and the encounters you have along the way are what make FTL so special. The first Kickstarted game to be released, FTL is a welcome addition to a forgotten sub-genre, in desperate need of some fresh air.
Calm Down Tom (Oct 15, 2012)
there’s something great about the games that have been crowd funded and have rabid fan bases, its that they are often titles where we write our own stories rather than follow others. Even the new XCOM is a game where your little randomly named troops develop a story of their own that you write. Uncharted, Call of Duty and other highly cinematic games are great in that they can tell you a story, but games like FTL let you write your own. Sure, that story might be more Silent Running than Star Wars, but that’s no bad thing.
So, here we are. It's time for me to commit myself. To tell you how I really feel. If this was just down to gameplay, I'd furnish you with a big fat diamond encrusted 10. But there's other factors to consider here, and whilst there's so much to admire about the way you play, and the experiences we share, I still see there's many ways in which you could grow. I still see a long and productive relationship unfolding before my eyes. Whilst you might not be the prettiest game in my Steam collection, you've still got more charm than nearly every other game I've ever met. You're beautiful FTL: Faster Than Light, and put simply, I think I love you.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Sep 25, 2012)
FTL: Faster Than Light uhkaa tällä hetkellä kiivetä yhdeksi Steamin kymmenestä pelatuimmasta pelistä, ja hyvästä syystä. Se tarjoaa kevyen mutta tiiviin pelikokemuksen, joka sekä ihastuttaa että vihastuttaa pelaajia. Itse tulen vääntämään tätä kunnes jokainen alus on viety kunniakkaasti pelin lävitse, ja varmasti vielä sen jälkeenkin.
80 (Oct 04, 2012)
Was bleibt, ist ein Spiel, das auf den ersten Blick relativ niedlich und simpel anmutet, jedoch sehr schnell seine wahre Identität zeigt. Ihr müsst gut überlegen, clever sein, taktisch vorgehen und das nötige Quäntchen Glück haben, dann schließt ihr FTL: Faster Than Light vielleicht mal erfolgreich ab. Doch auch dann wirft man das Spiel vermutlich nicht in die Ecke, sondern versucht es noch mal. Und noch mal. Und noch mal. Es ist mit jedem Durchgang aufs Neue fordernd, frustrierend und macht auch keinen Hehl daraus. Und so schmerzhaft diese Erfahrung manchmal auch sein kann, so unterhaltsam ist sie doch auch.
80 (Sep 28, 2012)
Minimalist gaming at its finest, with graphics and presentation out of the Stone Age but evocative sci-fi action that’s tense, tactical and instantly addictive.
Gry OnLine (Sep 17, 2012)
Stworzone przez dwuosobowe studio Subset Games FTL: Faster Than Light udowadnia, że niszowe produkcje finansowane przez Kickstarter bez problemu potrafią zawalczyć o odbiorcę, a przy okazji – robią to z klasą.
InsideGamer (Oct 06, 2012)
FTL is een simpel ogend ruimteavontuur met verrassend veel diepgang. Met een ouderwets hoge moeilijkheidsgraad en bijzonder veel strategische mogelijkheden is FTL, ondanks het feit dat het universum ietwat eentonig is, een unieke en verfrissende ruimtevaartgame waarin achter iedere sprong door de ruimte gevaar, avontuur of een nieuwe kans op je ligt te wachten.
80 (Sep 22, 2012)
FTL si conferma essere un buon titolo: semplice, innovativo, con inaspettati e profondi risvolti tattici. Tuttavia, la sua ambientazione fortemente fantascientifica e la vena strategica roguelike, fanno di FTL un gioco molto particolare e non adatto a tutti i palati. Con questa premessa, ci riserviamo di consigliarlo a coloro i quali han sempre desiderato sedersi sulla poltrona del capitano di un’astronave, dando sfogo all'inventiva per uscire vivi da una battaglia nello spazio o prendere difficili decisioni in merito a situazioni estreme. Tutti quei giocatori che si aspettano una trama avvicente o di poter comandare un'intera flotta rimarranno probabilmente delusi, ma nel suo piccolo FTL mantiene le promesse fatte ai fan su Kickstarter.
80 (Sep 22, 2012)
Podařená nezávislá strategie, která vám umožní piplat se s vlastní lodí, jen aby ji v dohledné době zničila a donutila vás znovu a znovu začínat. Jde o velmi příjemný a adrenalinový zážitek za vysloveně směšnou cenu. Všichni, kdo chtěli mít svou Enterprise, Serenity či Millenium Falcon se tu určitě najdou.
80 (Oct 03, 2012)
Faster Than Light è un gioco notevole. Semplice, minuscolo, ma in grado di offrire una profonda esperienza strategica. Mantiene quindi le promesse fatte ai fan su Kickstarter, e questo ci basta. Se volete vivere l'emozione di sedere nella cabina di comando di una nave spaziale in fuga tra i mille pericoli dello spazio profondo, questo è il gioco che dovete avere. Metterà a dura prova la vostra capacità di prendere decisioni critiche in poco tempo e affrontare decine di imprevisti per salvare la nave dalle incertezze di un viaggio pericolosissimo. A patto però di accettare la sua natura fatta di eventi casuali e morti definitive. Qui non si può ricaricare. Ma è proprio questo il bello.
Spazio Games (Oct 14, 2012)
Faster Than Light è un titolo anomalo, probabilmente perché non siamo abituati a questo genere di videogioco. L'idea di basarsi sul fattore rigiocabilità piuttosto che sulla longevità potrebbe sembrare una scelta discutibile, visto che non siamo abituati a tali standard, tuttavia lo spessore di cui vanta è degno di nota, merito della fantasia degli sviluppatori. Non è un titolo per tutti, questo è chiaro anche soltanto a vedere gli screenshots. Le meccaniche di gioco ben studiate e la scelta di dare grande peso alle decisioni del giocatore, rendono comunque il titolo davvero stimolante, facendo della varietà il suo punto cardine.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 25, 2012)
The ill-conceived boss fight breaks the established rules to deliver a frustratingly unfair challenge, but the meat of the gameplay itself is an excellent take on one of sci-fi fandom’s oldest and most beloved themes. You have to respect that accomplishment when it comes from anyone, much less a two-man studio Kickstarted into a $10 indie game.
80 (Sep 21, 2012)
C’est presque un rêve d’enfant que nous offre Faster Than Light. Devenir capitaine de son propre vaisseau spatial parti aux confints de l’univers est enfin à porté de main. Le titre offre une interface simple pour une prise en main rapide. Pourtant, avec des rencontres aléatoires et une personnalisation de l’équipement, il faudra enchainer les parties avant de pouvoir en maitriser son ensemble. Heureusement Faster Than Light est assez additif pour ça et nécessitera de longues heures de jeu avant de commencer à réellement lasser. Assurément un titre ingénieux qu’il est dommage de rater pour un si petit prix (moins de 10 €).
GameZebo (Sep 25, 2012)
The masterstroke here is that as hard as the game pushes you to absorb its resource realignments and calculated clicks, you’re able to push back just as hard and execute clever strategies in a wonderfully flexible manner. You’ve been boarded, and are not sure you can survive the fight? Just drain the oxygen from the room under seige and weaken the no-good pirates before you attack. Need to put out a fire while staving off enemy attack? Divert energy to your shields, drain the air in the burning rooms, and send in a crew to fix things up as you divert energy back to the weaponry! Far from a punishment, every death is an opportunity: a chance to test a new approach in the vacuum of space, protected from any long term damage by a steadily improving acumen, and a knowledge that everything fades into the black eventually.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 10, 2012)
Хотя, в отличие от старших roguelike-собратьев, сотни часов в FTL не намотать, спасать Федерацию первые несколько раз ужасно весело. К сожалению, задержаться подольше на просторах галактики не выйдет, но и для одного билета в космос $9,99 — прекрасная цена.
GameSpot (Sep 17, 2012)
Undeniably old-fashioned yet still somehow fresh and original, Faster Than Light is a great new take on a couple of old genres that will take over your life for many, many hours. Tense combat, easy-to-handle ship management, and fast-moving campaigns make this a game that is far more than the sum of its parts, despite a few shortcomings with mission variety and the remorseless nature of the (mostly) save-free game design.
IGN (Sep 19, 2012)
Faster Than Light is an immensely rewarding experience for a mere $10.00, and while the playthroughs theoretically clock in at two hours or so, the difficulty is such that you might spend five or more hours with it before you finally beat it. It may look and sound like a game from years past, but it demonstrates that the Roguelike genre still has plenty to offer almost 30 years after its first appearance. FTL’s situations lack some variety and the randomness of the game as a whole can be frustrating, but it largely makes up for these flaws through its intense combat and intuitive and deep micromanagement options.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending FTL. It’s a marvellous little roguelike with a fair bit to do and one of the most enjoyable “spaceship command” atmospheres I’ve experienced (and let’s face it – there aren’t many of those around), and it regularly becomes just as tense and fraught as any good roguelike should. I mean, I have war stories from this game. It’s just not quite as broad or as deep as I’d hoped, so fingers crossed for some content packs or open mod support.
78 (Sep 28, 2012)
Auch wenn es sich eher für zwischendurch anbietet: Faster Than Light zieht einen ganz schön rein. Man will mit seinem Raumkreuzer möglichst weit kommen, die Crew zu Höchstleistungen antreiben und das Schiff so immer schlagfertiger machen. Sektor für Sektor wird man immer besser und weiß mehr übers All. Leider taugt das englischsprachige Indie-Werk derzeit noch kaum für eine Langzeiterkundung, da die Speicherfunktion im Stil eines Roguelike das ausbremst. Wer stirbt, muss also von vorne anfangen. Auf normaler Schwierigkeit wird man ständig behelligt, die Feinde sind stark und man hat kaum Geld. Trotzdem will man auch mal Drohnen, ein größeres Geschütz oder ein neues Schiff haben, was noch mehr motiviert. Die Simulation ist beinhart bis zur Schmerzgrenze und bisweilen drüber raus, was an Elite erinnert. Hauptpluspunkt bleibt, dass man stets die Wahl hat, was man tun möchte – jeder schreibt so seine eigene Science-Fiction.
PC Games (Germany) (Nov 05, 2012)
Schon nach wenigen Minuten wissen Sie alles Wissenswerte über FTL und dennoch hat jede neue zufallsgenerierte Kampagne ihren eigenen Reiz: Was erwartet mich im nächsten System? Wie weit komme ich diesmal? Wann schalte ich über Erfolge wieder etwas Neues frei? Der größte Kritikpunkt ist der zumindest im Normalmodus hohe Frustfaktor. Nicht selten nimmt die Reise schon im zweiten Sonnensystem, das Sie erforschen, ein jähes Ende. Aber auch wenn man Faster Than Light mal entnervt von der Platte löscht, nach einer gewissen Zeit kehrt man doch gerne und reumütig zurück, um sich von Neuem demütigen zu lassen.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov 23, 2012)
Hey, so jung habe ich mich schon lange nicht mehr gefühlt. Auf einmal bin ich wieder der dreizehnjährige Junge, der anstatt frustriert in den Competition-Pro-Joystick zu beißen lieber noch einen Anlauf in Klassikern wie Xenon 2, Gods, Prince of Persia oder X-Out unternimmt. Ok, Retro-Spiele sind auf Kickstarter gerade der letzte Schrei, aber FTL ist der beste Beweis dafür, dass das Altes nicht automatisch schlecht sein muss, wenn die Entwickler wissen, worauf es ankommt. So entpuppt sich FTL trotz seiner simplen Oberfläche als anspruchsvoller und komplexer »Roguelike« mit einer süchtig machenden Motivationsspirale. Und nun entschuldigen Sie mich, ich habe einen Endgegner zu besiegen.
gamrReview (Sep 16, 2012)
FTL is a steal at its pricepoint of $10, even if you only make a couple of attempts before tiring of being sent back to the start of the game. So put on your frakking red uniform and feel the force, because I will continue ramming sci-fi references into your ears until you cave in and buy it, you smeghead.
XGN (Sep 18, 2012)
Faster Than Light blinkt als indiegame zeker uit, het spel heeft dan ook al twee prijzen gewonnen en één keer de titel 'finalist'. In het begin is het nog een moeilijk spel en is de plezierfactor laag, maar dat gaat na een paar keer al snel weg en wordt het spel steeds leuker. Vooral als je hard hebt gewerkt en als beloning een nieuwe schip krijgt. Je zult met het nieuwe schip veel beter zijn en geen genade meer kennen voor de piraten. Ondanks dat het spel geen levels kent, is het toch leuk om het elke keer weer te spelen omdat er veel afwisseling in zit, de planeten zijn steeds weer anders, er zijn andere sectoren, andere gevaren, enzovoorts. Daarnaast is het spel goed gebalanceerd wat je zeker merkt in de gameplay. Desondanks moet je het niet een lange tijd achter elkaar spelen, dan wordt het wat saai. Maar als je het tussendoor doet is het zeker een aanrader!
75 (Sep 16, 2012)
FTL: Faster Than Light is in essentie een ontzettend simplistische ruimteschipsimulatie. De keuzes die je gedurende het hele spel maakt, zorgen er echter voor dat het een complexe en uitdagende ervaring wordt. Grafisch ziet het er misschien leuk en koddig uit, maar het is een ontzettend moeilijke en onvergefelijke game waarin een klein foutje gelijk tot een game over kan leiden. Ondanks de hoge moeilijkheidsgraad is het een spel dat je constant opnieuw begint, omdat je jezelf wil blijven verbeteren en omdat het leuk blijft.
Game Critics (Oct 10, 2012)
FTL: Faster Than Light's terminal turn towards space-opera bombast dramatically undercuts its story, its gameplay, and its atmosphere. That's a shame because, despite the game's fiendish difficulty, its core gameplay is incredibly compelling. For most of its length, FTL is good, bordering on great, but the end is so poor I'd rather quit than win the game.
Fortunately, the game stays interesting through the randomly generated galaxy and by offering new ships to campaign with. For some reason you will still find yourself going back for more, albeit in smaller, more sporadic doses. Eventually you may even win a campaign, and in doing so rediscover that initial excitement. While being far from perfect, FTL remains entertaining for those able to shrug off many, many defeats.
Edge (Sep 21, 2012)
Like Spelunky before it, survival often depends on what you’re carrying, and when you happen across life-prolonging shops and lucky weapon drops. But FTL is a less masterful game than Derek Yu’s cave diver, throwing more chance into the mix. While Spelunky almost always offers the opportunity to overcome bad luck with skill, FTL can occasionally feel punishing, allowing you to limp from one harsh fight directly into another. Its text-based events are a double-edged sword, too: they entice with their talk of alien worlds, but cabin fever sets in when you realise you’re confined to quarters and the missions start to repeat after a few hours. We’d love to join our crew on their adventures, and to see more events added to prolong FTL’s captivating core play. Make it so, Subset Games.
Indie Hive (May 11, 2019)
FTL is a strategic, spaceship simulation, rogue-like in which you must successfully manage and run a ship trying to save the galaxy. Every encounter presents a unique challenge with multiple solutions and randomised environments and perma-death add to the tension in each play-through.

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