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Insurrection: Campaigns for StarCraft Credits

27 people


Executive ProducerChris Seepe
ProducerFulvio Ciano
Story WritersGuy Parks, Hugh Adam Simpson
DevelopersSheri Bowers, Fulvio Ciano, Lesley Milner, Guy Parks, Hugh Adam Simpson
Development AssistanceCorey Gill, Mikhail Schneider
EditorLesley Milner
Installation ProgrammerJohn Weller
Marketing ManagerPaul Engels
Cover ArtTom Flemming
Package DesignElizabeth Petzold
Sound RecordingCameron Hoffman, Christopher Tudor-Smith
Sound EditorsFulvio Ciano, Vince Galante, Jeff Harrison, Cameron Hoffman, Steven Leve, Guy Parks, Christopher Tudor-Smith
VoicesTroy Breckon, Kira Callahan, Michael Cameron, Fulvio Ciano, Tanya Gabriel, Cameron Hoffman, Hugh Adam Simpson, Reuben Thompson, Sheila Times
Quality AssuranceJohn Kovacs
Beta TestersMichael Cameron, Corey Gill, Jeff Harrison, Steven Leve, Tim Nutt, Mikhail Schneider, Yale Sutton-Fauteux, Reuben Thompson, John Weller, Mitchell Wexler

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Credits for this game were contributed by Belboz (6583)