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Killing Time Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The fairly long and impressive live action intro depicts Egyptian artifacts...
...Tess Conway, the rich heiress who mysteriously vanished...
...her estate on an island in Maine...
...and various scenes from her life. Most of these characters will have in-game appearances as well... though not quite in their usual shape
A nicely designed options screen
The starting area in the computer versions is different. You start in your boat rather than immediately outside of the mansion
The path to the mansion is quite different as well. Outdoor areas are much bigger and more open in the computer versions
A ghostly apparition! One of the many to follow. I reduced the screen size to display my HP and ammo
Indoor locations, however, tend to be narrower. You'll have such cramped fights many, many times
Tommy gun zombie massacre early in the game. I haven't reached the mansion yet - the surrounding areas are much, much bigger than in the 3DO version
Reloading a shotgun. Zombies are outside and can't enter. But I can see a healing orb glowing out there... should I risj it?
A dining room in one of the smaller houses. You think this is fancy and detailed? Wait till you get into the rich rooms of the mansion...
The square in front of the mansion is huge
Flowers, bodies, and damage orbs. This is almost the vacation I had in mind
Mansion hall. From here, many divergent paths lead to other locations
3D maze, Molotov cocktail, skeletons dripping blood. I think I'll go to Florida next year
The game is full of "gothic" imagery with heavy colors. The atmosphere is very thick. Here, I just use my flamethrower in an empty room. Why not?..
Found an Ankh - the game's most powerful weapon with limited uses. Always ready to appreciate art
You guys keep dancing, I have better things to do
Hey, this is not funny. I've seen clown sprites up close before. It's just that they were... nicer
See, I told you that there are more lavish dining rooms in the game. Hello! Is dinner ready yet?..
The game is full of insane, weird enemies. Crazy, maniacal chefs throw knives at you in the kitchen
You'll have to find quite a few keys and so-called "vessels", and solve some puzzles
Yes sir, is there anything you need, sir? Busty vampire bat maid always at your service in this basement... sir
I just want to blow this wine cellar to pieces with my Ankh. But this insane explosive bottle-throwing older lady seems to disagree
The game has a lot of enemies. Really, a lot - perhaps too many. The cool thing is that they will attack each other if for some reason they can't see you
Manipulating levers - a basic puzzle that can be encountered here. But there are no colored keycards!..
Sewers, sewers. Game designers do seem to love them. These here are populated by fictional reptiles with a lot of teeth
The island offers plenty to explore besides the mansion itself. But beware of evil hunters!..
The Mausoleum, one of the game's most dangerous locations. It's dark, skeletons are wandering... this can seriously affect your nervous system, you know?
Whoa, whoa... wait a second... Did you say Temple of Isis? Just turn right at the next intersection. Have a nice day!..
This game really likes angry female demonic creatures. She and I wreaked some serious havoc around here, hehe!..
I set the library on fire! Pyromania! Bibliophobia! Haa-ahahahahaaa!..
On the way to the cave system. Cerberus, I presume? Benign and canine, so to say... Hehe... hopefully... actually, probably not, right?
Anger management? It's okay, don't worry, I used to have the same problem. Just take a deep breath... errr... without exhaling fire this time...
No! Not one step further! Sir, really now! Do you know how long it will take me to clean this mess?..
Lavish purple corridors, bodies of enemies... just a regular day
Mansion massacre. Looks like I'm powerful enough to go all the way
This deceptively cozy, beautifully decorated room leads to the game's inner sanctum, which remains locked for a long time...
...Tess' bedroom. Lavish design, old portraits, and a clock. What are you going to do now?..
Psychedelic images. This game's visuals are really something
One of the confrontations late in the game