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LEGO Creator Credits


Original ConceptRob Smith
ProducerRob Smith
Project ManagementIan Meredith
President & FounderIan Andrew
3D ProgrammingChris Andrew, Paul Butcher, Paul Grimster, Jon Grove
Interface DesignGuy Sunderland
Interface ProgrammingEvangelos Ginis, Ian Meredith, Jonathon Tako
3D Geometry and DesignSimon Meacock
Scenery DesignAlex Grassi, Gavin Tyte
Help and TutorialsHuw Geddes, Geoff Smith
Sound EngineeringGavin Tyte
InstallationPaul Butcher, Rich Hill
Testing and Quality AssurancePaul Grimster, Tony Miller
TestingChris Andrew, Paul Beardow, Paul Butcher, Rick Inwood, Andy Mcnair, Simon Meaock, Rob Smith, Chris Leversuch, Gavin Tyte, Huw Geddes, Jon Grove, Geoff Smith, Andy Wilde, Darren Woodward, Scott Mackintosh, Josh Collins, Laurence Scotford, Dave Upchurch, Tomas Gillo, James Lyons
Bug Design and CreationPaul Grimster, Jon Grove, Ian Meredith, Jonathon Tako
Lego Creator Wizard VoiceFrido Ruth
Recording StudioThe Vocal Suite
Localisation ManagerCara McMullan
Additional Sounds Thanks toHartley Whitney Fire Station
Biker BobHimself
Lego Media Linch PinMichelle Richmond
Additional Thanks toLaurence Scotford, Mark Livingstone, Dave Griffith, Jim Rankin, Ann Haldane, Freda, Caroline, Stuart Adams, Rob, Thomas, Hanne

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16064)