The Longest Journey Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Dream landscape
The Park
Hope Street
Rolling Man's House
Mural of the Guardian
April in her room
Looking at things
Many people to meet in this game
Near the subway
In the subway station
Near cafe
Looks like a big fall, better not stay too close to the edge.
Either April can hold her breath longer than Guybrush or there's some trick to it.
Fishing for some clues, closing in on the mystery.
Alternate worlds seem much more nature friendly with beautiful landscapes.
When bribing and outsmarting doesn't help, seduction is the next logical step.
Now this looks like a completely alien-alien world.
You'll never get bored once you acquire a loyal companion to aid you with irreplaceable skills on your journey.
In a bar in a Venice, talking to some of your closest friends... who aren't aware of alternate worlds.
Apparently, there is still art in the future. It looks slightly exotic, but still pretty familiar
April writes down her impressions and just random thoughts. It's not a bad read, overall
The game has a large number of diverse, detailed locations. These are just some unknown people bringing life to the street
A more central part of Stark, reflecting the game's futuristic setting. Note the animated flying car in the background
There aren't many close-up puzzles in the game. This is just one of them
Arcadia is just unrestricted fantasy. This place looks a bit South European
The game is full of long conversations. Many of them contain a wealth of information concerning the game's lore
A zoomed-in area of the happy Arcadian town. Lots of activities going on here. Note the dancer behind April
You can use the eye icon on April. She'll do some movements and say one of the three or so generic phrases
Locations have very different viewing angles. Here, April is quite big, and half-concealed - you can't even see her head
April walks through this medieval-looking quiet town in her underwear
One of the game's many beautiful views
This location with beautiful art has unusual, almost side-scrolling navigation, with a large model of April
You'll meet exotic creatures and travel to mysterious lands. A beautiful scene on the ship
You'll discover some ancient civilizations and races. An interesting "shadowy" screen
Nearing the final two or so chapters of this very long game. It's back to Stark, to discover even more locations...
The penultimate chapter has a space sci-fi feel to it. April has changed her clothes