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The Digital Fix (Mar 10, 2015)
If you're new to adventure games and want a gentle introduction that will leave a strong impression, Morningstar definitely should be among your first choices. And even if you're an adventure veteran then you should be able to find something here that will engage you and, like us, leave you hoping for a sequel.
Game Revolution (Feb 18, 2015)
Morningstar doesn’t only appreciate your time, but it’s easy on the senses too. There are only a few cut-scenes, but all animations and scenes are nicely done, even though clean, abandoned environments have been done to death. It’s definitely an upgrade from the original, which had a sketchbook style to its presentation. None of the visuals will blow you away, and neither will the voice acting. But while gamers wax uproarious over Day-1 DLC and matching price points to game length, a $10 diversion fits the bill rather nicely. I’d also be lying if I said the HyperCard-esque nature of the game’s format didn’t take me back just the smallest bit.
GameOver (Greece) (May 01, 2015)
Το Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock είναι ένα ιδιαίτερο παιχνίδι. Είναι όμορφο, έχει έξυπνες ιδέες, ωραία ατμόσφαιρα και ροή που το κάνει να κυλάει σα νεράκι. Έτσι, είναι σχεδόν έγκλημα που τελειώνει δίχως να απλώσει τα φτερά του και να πετάξει στα επίπεδα που θα του άξιζε να φτάσει. Η βασική ιδέα είναι εδώ. Το ταλέντο υπάρχει. Απλά διώξτε τον πιλότο σε κάποιον άλλο ερημικό πλανήτη και δοκιμάστε την τύχη σας με ένα sequel ή με ένα ολικό remake κάτω από την υποστήριξη μιας μεγάλης εταιρίας. Ή σαν σενάριο στο σινεμά βρε αδερφέ!
In the end, I enjoyed my time with Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock. Anyone who has history playing these types of games will feel right at home – just don’t expect anything really new.
Vandal Online (Feb 17, 2015)
Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock no nos engaña bajo ningún concepto, y muestra sus cartas de forma honesta. Es una aventura gráfica muy clásica, de moldura estética excesivamente nostálgica y jugabilidad encorsetada también bajo los citados designios de tiempos pasados. Para bien o para mal, es un título pequeño -no hay que olvidar sus orígenes como juego gratuito-, sin demasiadas pretensiones, que aunque no innova ni lo pretende, bien puede servir como mero entretenimiento para el más acérrimo y purista aficionado al point and click.
Hooked Gamers (Feb 17, 2015)
For those who have played the browser-based version, the new scenes and improved visuals probably won’t be enough to make Morningstar worth revisiting, but for those who know nothing about it, the short sci-fi thriller may be worth a look in. At its core is a journey of discovery. Repairing your ship and getting off Deadrock runs parallel to uncovering the planet’s central mystery. Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock isn’t anything new of course. It’s familiar sci-fi tropes alongside well-worn point-and-click puzzling. Convention can of course still be appealing, it is just a pity this adventure doesn’t have much of an identity to set it apart.
Riot Pixels (Mar 19, 2015)
Впечатление, которое производит Morningstar, сильно напоминает ощущения от фильма «Красная планета» с Вэлом Килмером: полное надежд начало, некое подобие интриги в середине и абсолютное разочарование в финале. Типичные квестовые задачки да приятные фоновые картинки – вот и все, что есть приметного в обновленной Morningstar. На такое и большой скидкой не заманишь.