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MOTORM4X Credits

42 people (26 developers, 16 thanks)


CodeMiroslav Ondruš (AngelOf)
3D GraphicsPeter Kubek
2D GraphicsMartin Beneš (Edman)
CarsMichal Kubek
EffectsMichal Kubek
DesignPeter Kubek, Michal Kubek, Martin Beneš (Edman), Miroslav Ondruš (AngelOf)
Level DesignPeter Kubek, Michal Kubek, Martin Beneš (Edman), Miroslav Ondruš
Race DesignPeter Kubek
ProductionMartin Babarík
SoundMartin Beneš (Edman)
MusicBignic, Downdog, EB11, Embers Fire, Freeway, I.C.O.N., Illegal Amigoz, Kowch , Left Standing, Mr. Special, NOMAD 67, Otherside, Rockchild, Sorrows Fall, Streetsleeper, Symptom, Within Reason
Many thanks toAll bands and individuals for their support
Music Competition held on
Additional RecordingsMichal Szlávik
Voice (English)Douglas Silas Henslay
ExecutiveMartin Babarík, Michal Kubek
FundingARCA Capital a.s. Arca Capital Bohemia
Special Thanks toLibor Duba, Martin Kure, Pavlina Hartmann, Jan Hlavatý, Stepan Prokop, Tomáš Opluštil, Paul Brookes (from Overplay), Björn Larsen (for giving the name its name), Others including our families and also wives; girlfriends; friends, all the people from EASYCO forum, Russell L. Smith (and the rest of the team around Open Dynamics Engine;, the auhors and community around OpenAL [Cross-Platform 3D Audio;], Chad Austin (and the rest of the team around Audiere;, Steve Streeting (along with the authors and the great community around Open Source Graphic Engine Ogre;, and of course thank you for buying MOTORM4X

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (256752)