Open Season Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Surreal dream.
Wake up and get ready to go.
Thanks from all the PC users.
Introducing sidekick!
Having fun in a store!
Taking a hike in the forest.. with a sidekick.
Nasty squirrels.
Levelling up.
Stinky animal.
Even deers fall in love.
Mini-game: put a hare in a hole.
Min-game: stay on the log.
Mini-game: gather flowers.
Racing the other deer.
Solid Snake would have been proud.
Scaring off the lumberjack.
Get ready for an awesome..
Hey! It's not like you've seen a grizzly bear or something?
Admiring the view with a trusty sidekick and a cross hare.
Cross hare in sniper mode.
Cross hare in action.
It's cold in the mountains. Yet still plenty of hunters to scare.
Mini-game: yes, shake it!
Chasing teddy-bears.
Keep rollin'!