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The Operational Art of War II: Flashpoint Kosovo Credits


ProducerBrian M. McGinn
Production AideTimothy Beggs
ProgrammingNorm Koger
Production ManagerStephen Langmead
Product ManagerMelissa Farmer
Production MaterialsChrissy Lagna, Kurt Miller, Peter Muench
Art DirectorTim Kipp
Additional GraphicsStephen Estes, Tim Kipp, Brian Weber
Chief Creative OfficerJim Rose
Executive ProducerAnthony L. Farmer
Production CoordinationJohn Davidson, Linda Wratchford
Channel Marketing ManagerMark Moon
Public Relations ManagerMike Gathagan
Director of Business DevelopmentChris Mate
Technical Support SupervisorPhil Santiago
Technical SupportAshton Fletcher, Matthew Kreager, Lisa Nawrot, Frank Runge
Scenario DesignersPete Abrams, Doug Bevard, Eric Larsen, Trey Marshall, Matt Moyer, Jeff Riddolls, Erik Rutins, John Schettler
PlaytestersJoe Baratta, Bill Braddock, Bryan Corkill, Barron D. Gray, Brian Heard, Matthew Heider, Carl Keenan, Steve Knowlton, Bill Lott, Tim McBride, Tom Padgett, Keith Patton, Ron Peterson, Tim Powers, Troy Ritter, E. Mark Smith, Steve Smith, Christopher Stoner, Carrington Ward, James Woods
Special ThanksBob McNamara

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rainer S (127189)