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Penumbra: Black Plague Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The story is rehashed in the introduction
Title screen
Main game screen
A short tutorial serves to familiarize players with the controls and interface.
Concept art showing events from the first game.
Phillip wakes up in this cell.
There are devilish experiments going on.
The outside light is not from this earth.
Logging on to a console, showing the interface.
A distorted déjà vu, thanks to Clarence.
A surreal environment
Many clues are provided through notes.
There is a shaft leading deep down.
A new corpse appears, and Clarence is present to mock it.
Using the gas mask.
A familiar creature from the first game
Hiding from an enemy.
The inventory, battery status and health
A decorative library
Find a way to climb this structure.
A sequence on the surface. Be quick or you will freeze to death.
A dark corridor leading into a large complex.
A map of the area
A hole has been blasted in the wall.
The artifact on the table is used to save the game.
There are mysterious dead dogs in the kennel.
I have been discovered... game over.
There is a gas leak in this room.
Amabel Swanson's office
The hidden shoot-em-up game
Another disturbing discovery
Meeting the hive mind.
One of the final challenges