Penumbra: Overture - Episode 1 Credits

Frictional Games

Lead ProgrammingThomas Grip
Additional ProgrammingLuis Rodero Morales, Edward Rudd
Lead GraphicsAnton Adamse
Additional GraphicsEmil Meiton
SoundJens Nilsson
MusicMikko Tarmia
Level ScriptingJens Nilsson
Written byTom Jubert
Voice TalentMichael Hillard
LogotypesNicodemus Mattisson
Thanks toNewton Game Dynamics, Angel Script

Strategy First

PresidentDon McFatridge
V.P. Product DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V.P. SystemsDave Hill
Chief Financial OfficerSheldon Reinhart
Director‑European OperationsStewart Braybrook
Business Development ManagerEmanuel Wall
ProducerBrock Beaubien
Technical AdvisorDanny Kodais
Graphics Design ManagerLes Parsons
Website AdministratorJulia Herten-Greaven
Sales ManagerMaria Loreto
Public Relations CoordinatorJasmine Goyer
Technical SupportMichael Guttman, Robert Eaglesham

Lexicon Entertainment

Managing DirectorChris Allcroft
Sales DirectorEmily Booty
Product ExecutiveAidan Price
Operations ManagerPhilip Noyce
Creative Services ManagerJoe Ryan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209748) and Sciere (511233)