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Penumbra: Overture - Episode 1 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction story
Title screen
Main game screen
Philip flies to Greenland.
On the boat for the final trip, you need to collect some gear here.
Stuck in a snow storm, you only have a short time to find a safe place.
Penumbra is all about atmosphere.
While exploring, you'll find notes, manuals and diaries.
Never let the wolves see you.
The entrance to the workshop requires a code.
Something may be hidden underneath the rocks.
Exploring a small room with a flare.
It requires a lot of work to get the generator going.
An excavation
Attacked by spiders.
Machinery is usually not explained, just try the different buttons and levers to see the effect.
Drag objects to build bridges and ladders.
This bulldozer will come in handy.
The refinery
All objects in this room will be needed to solve various puzzles.
A tricky sequence with deadly steam.
This biologist must have gone mad.
The frozen Utopia Lake isn't very stable.
A spooky corridor
It's coming right for me!
The writings on the wall aren't very encouraging.
Someone must have been desperate.
Your travels only lead further down the complex.
Could it really be... meeting another human down here?