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Loading screen
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Control option
An overview of Uncle Pink's mansion
Pink: Whenever speaking about my uncle, I always thinks of a very brave and adventurous man... (intro)
Pink:...who traveled to every corner of the world seeking for danger for fun :)
Pink: And I guess that's the reason why he died so young ;(
Meet Uncle Pink. He will always show up whenever you step near that question mark board
Inside Uncle Pink's mansion. When you stand near each door, Pink's though bubble will display the type of level, the number of key you need and the recorded time
The S.S Luxitana level
Every platform level shows the objectives you have to achieve to get the key before playing
Double-jump helps Pink reach higher height. It can be useful for high platform which can't be reached by normal jump
Don't forget to collect coins. They will prove useful later
Pink: eat my super-spinning attack >D
You can also kill enemies by jumping on top of their heads
Some characters will block your way unless you give them objects appearing on the thought bubbles. It's up to you to find out where these objects are hidden
Helping people is a pleasure, right?
Some objects are guarded by certain character who are always on guard, so stealing and chasing are unavoidable
That's why these hiding spot are provided
Pink: The key, the reason why I'm (willingly) in this mess
Every level has a default record time. This is the screen when you can't beat the record time
You can tell from a glance that this is a race level
Pink: hey! Who allows you to run on the rail? Worker: how about you? Who allows you to roller-skate on the rail? >(
Race levels are quite straightforward. When you get to the goal, you get the key. No chasing, no running around looking for exit doors
If you break the record time, you will earn extra coins
Pink: I wonder what my uncle did at this construction site
Platforms like this help you jump higher. From now on these platforms will be quite common
Pink: What kind of explorer would my uncle be without having ever stepped on Egypt?
Another use of double-jump: Slower falling speed provides better control. It it useful when collecting coins on air
In-game menu
If you choose "Quit level" this loading screen will appear
And this is the loading screen after choosing "Exit game"
My first boss level, uncle Pink's meat-eating plant
Pink: I hate you uncle >(
I didn't know uncle Pink had a time-machine
Double-jump can also be used to travel far distances
Pink: Scientists think that dinosaurs are just huge reptile. THEY ARE WRONG! Dinosaurs are wingless, man-sized, fire-breathing dragon!
Pink: another new historical discovery: people have used washing machines, sofas and televisions for more than a million years!