Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main menu
Internet high scores
World map
Info on your enemy
Troll matched several gems and got equivalent amount of mana.
You can hear all kind of rumors in taverns.
With runes you can forge your own magical items.
Hero's inventory
All available magic spells
Your companions, they give you some bonus.
By joining to a knights order, I got permanent bonus.
When matching four or more tiles you get an extra turn.
Town menu
As your quest continues, you will visit more and more places.
Capturing a creature.
You can avoid combats with "small" foes.
Your citadel (fully constructed).
Spell research: Rules on the left, objectives on the right.
Some of your comrades are...hmm...strange.
Ah, that hurts!
Fighting a boss (see that items).
Haha, I canceled your spell!
OH, no haha because that hurts!
A glowing place means that it belongs to an active quest.
Yes I know. My mount is a (really) giant rat.
All story events are told in such cartoon sequences.