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Shellshock: Nam '67 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (French version)
You get a run-down of your performance after each mission.
Heavy explosions, but they rarely affect the environment.
The Vietnamese don't seem to be throwing a welcome party.
Nightvision makes sniping easy.
Sneak up on charlies and finish them off before they can warn their friends.
Some parts of the jungle are very dense and creepy.
Some innocent villagers have been slaughtered.
Use the arrow keys to perform the sequence shown at the bottom of the screen to secure the trap.
Your invincible team mates
You just took out the artillery in this cutscene sequence.
These girls don't do dishes.
The flamethrower is very effective against large groups of enemies.
The interrogations are rather brutal.
Tense combat in the temple ruins.
The abandoned city is one of the most exciting levels.
Your teammates
Dead bodies
Regular battle
Explosion in water
Pistol against Vietcong group?
Archives as intro
I'm dead