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ShtyrliTz: Otkrytie Ameriki Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Main Menu
ShtyrliTz, in the flesh.
The starting area.
A sleazy bar with a drunk car mechanic.
Inside the bar there's a punk and a member of the Fartduzzio mafia clan.
Blue Cop bar, a parody of the Blue Oyster bar.
Inside the gay bar/hotel.
After blowing up the cop's car, the fella is confused about what happened.
Is that Duke Nukem?
In the rancho's area.
Lara won't let us inside.
I should use this car.
Mad Max, huh? We'll need to find out more about him.
I wonder how this guy died.
After knocking Duke Nukem out we got his outfit.
Now that the car's fixed and ShtyrliTz looks like a biker, let's go talk to Lara.
Honey, I'm home! I've brought you your favorite bullets!
We see this FMV and listen to ShtyrliTz and Lara humping.
The research center.
The guard won't let me in without a pass.
We all know that the Japanese are suckers for money, right?
Hmm... Where's the director's room?
Talking to the director. ShtyrliTz will have to navigate through the center on his own.
While I was talking to the director, somebody knocked out the guard.
ShtyrliTz wasn't a good communicator. He was also used to open the door.
A bunch of computers and nobody working on them.
Take that, you hunk of junk!
A top secret room.