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Skout Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

From the intro video: Agent 3A57B-TZR, codename SKOUT. The protagonist of the game on his way to the mission briefing.
Base corridor. Player is holding the Partikelstreuer, a chaingun-like weapon.
Imposing tower in an outdoors setting. In the first level of the game you have to infiltrate two towers to deactivate a force field generator.
The "Drohne" (drone) is a heavily armed robot you can summon for a limited period of time. Can also teleport hostages away and remove certain obstacles.
An alien Kybernoid soldier, a recurring enemy in the game.
A Golem robot, armed with rocket launchers.
Episode boss in the first part of the game: a heavily armed reptiloid cyborg on a boat. Model detail is quite impressive for a 1999 title.
Coloured lightning inside a cargo spaceship.
In some levels, prisoners need to be rescued.
Tech base interior with colourful textures and light coronas.