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Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

First Mission: The Soviet-Prague police are ill equipped to handle an obnoxious shotgun-wielding American
A lovely drive through the Prague countryside is rudely interrupted by several trucks full of ticked-off Soviets
Mullins chats with the leaders of The Shop, including Aaron Wilson (voice of Mark Hamill) on the left, and Anthony Michaels (voice of Skeletor!) on the far right
Mullins assists a team of U.S. Marines in clearing out a Columbian rebel encampment
Fighting rebels in the Columbian swamps. The Columbian missions are graphically lush, but take a serious hit on your system hardware
Mullins fires upon a rebel encampment from a helicopter's mounted machine gun
A plague village straight out of the Andromeda Strain shows you how high the stakes are in your battle against the Romulus virus
While infiltrating the opulent mansion of arms dealer Manuel Vergara, Mullins gets the jump on an annoying sniper
Inside Vergara's game room. Boy, those Columbian arms dealers sure know how to party
Vergara's personal bodyguard Sanchez is safely encamped behind a barrier. You'll have to find some other way to take him out.
Mullins and Vergara end up pointing their pistols at each others heads. How original (yawn)
Mullins chats with his partner Madeline Taylor and old buddy Sam Gladstone inside Goldberg's Used Books
Fighting some salty sailors on the deck of a cargo ship. I'm slaying in the rain, just slaying in the rain...
The streets of Hong Kong can be a dangerous place for tourists, especially if you're carrying an assault rifle
Hell hath no fury like a lady with a micro-uzi
Mullins is captured by Prometheus hacker Deviant1. Deep Space Nine's Keiko is surprisingly believable as a sultry Chinese Dominatrix
Fellow political prisoner Huang Zhenmeng helps you bust outta jail. Huang's helluva tough, able to literally cut enemies in half with his uzi
Mullins gets into a boss battle against the machinegun-toting Torturer and one-shot-kill AWPer Deviant1
A Prometheus terrorist attack destroys Goldberg's Used Books. Now its personal.
A hospital security guard tries to lend a hand, but the poor Barney is no match for the assault rifle wielding Prometheus stormtroopers
On the hospital roof, Mullins battles the Prometheus organization's V-22 Osprey
Welcome to snowy Kamchatka. Whoa, Metal Gear Solid deja vu. Oops, is that my knife sticking out of your back?
In a captured Swiss Airport Mullins does battle with Prometheus, the evil terrorist organization determined to rule the world
Counterstrike's evil twin. Battling Prometheus onboard their 747
Men in Black help you defend the Shop HQ from a massive Prometheus strike force
Watch the pretty fire effects as The Shop burns. Meanwhile, the female Prometheus trooper seems oblivious to the fact I've jammed a knife through her hand
Half-Life deja vu... on the Shop roof the V-22 Osprey makes an encore appearance, dropping off a squad of Prometheus stormtroopers
Random Mission Generator: Mullins is sent to assassinate the Uzi-toting Deviant1 in the Hills (the easiest Random Mission map)
Random Mission Generator: Assassinating Alexei Nachrade, Prometheus' second-in-command, in the hot desert (the most difficult Random Mission map)
Ewwww... could this be over the line? Nah.
When he isn't killing terrorists all over the world, Mullins surely takes a break with an good old shooter.
Random Mission Generator - meat market
RMG - Sniper view
You can't escape!