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Space Rangers Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Take on your role as a Space Ranger
Choose from 4 races and three classes
The story begins...
This is the initial greeting you will receive no matter what race/class you are, though the location may be different
Each planet and station have equipment you can buy for your ship
Your ship has various places to put equipment. As you get bigger hulls, you will have more space for equipment
Easily compare your score to the scores of other Rangers
The Galaxy Map lets you see sectors that are within the influence of the four races. Other sectors are blocked from view.
The hangar will let you refuel (you use fuel when you go thruogh hyperspace) and repair your hull as well as take off
Watch the news to find out where the other Rangers and the military are attacking Klissans so you can join in and help out
You can sometimes get missions from the different planet governments
Space... Here you can select where you're moving to
Besides finding minerals floating in space, you can sometimes find equipment from destroyed ships such as this from a destroyed Klissan ship
Planets come in a variety of sizes and shapes... all look great, tho
This is hyperspace. You can choose to stop in these "clots" to possibly find minerals or even to do battle
Here is a hyperspace "clot" where you might find minerals or do battle. You can't leave until all enemies are destroyed
Asteroids can be destroyed (if you're quick) for minerals... just don't get hit by them. You can see the path it will take on your map
I don't think these guys like me :)
There are various bases throughout the galaxy... pirate, science, and ranger bases
The suns look great... and some even have a smaller sun orbiting
Well, at least my family gets money when I die...
A tricky puzzle that can net many credits or end in disgrace