Star Wars: Episode I - The Gungan Frontier Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

This is the main screen showing the moon's surface and the player's controls. A bubble spore has been selected to start this ecosystem
A bubble spore has been released. This will grow and will become food for other animals.
Selecting the bubble spore in the species selector brings up a screen showing what animals eat it.
Releasing animals that eat bubble spores, in this case a Kaadu adds another level to the food chain which can be built up another level as there are creatures which prey on the Kaadu.
Plants don't just grow anywhere. Some, like this chak root require a specific kind of soil.
Lots of Kaadu have been released. In this 'Beginner' game the ship automatically releases more food as animals are released. In the Advanced game the player must manage this.
Now that there's a significant number of Kaadu around it's time to let the Gungan's know about them so that they can be harvested for food, transport, work animals etc.
Having notified the Gungan that there are resources available they start to arrive immediately - even before the menu item can be closed down. As they increase the Kaadu population decreases.
The Gungan live in underwater cities like this. The city grows and declines depending on its population.
Moving the cursor to the top of the screen activates the main menu bar, here one of the player aids 'Bubble Help' is about to be activated.
Bubble Help is a feature that's activated from the main menu bar. It causes help text to be displayed as the cursor moves over a game control.
The player does not just have to get the mix of plants and animals right, they can terraform the moon to make it better suited to the diverse life forms at their disposal.
Ahhh! Graphs and stats, what management simulation would be complete without them.