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Rear View Reviews (May 09, 2017)
Overall, the game feels well put together. It feels solid and consistent throughout and it’s aesthetic quality shines well too. It mixes the cute, retro and creepy very well together. However the overall difficulty and combo focused combat can put off newcomers to the genre. Once mastered, you’ll be going up against all manner of things, hoping to hit enough points to make the checkpoint.
Calm Down Tom (Oct 07, 2012)
It's hard. It's too hard for me. I made good progress, but later levels required more platforming nous than I now possess. Thankfully it saves your progress at checkpoints as you go. The levels can also become samey, and there’s only so much brutality the developers can heap on with evil level design before you start feeling a little oppressed. That being said, it's a game with great atmosphere, it’s well designed and when you make progress it is satisfying. If you think modern games are too easy, try this nightmare of a game and prepare to be showered with your own (very pixelated) blood.
Realm of Gaming (Oct 28, 2013)
They Bleed Pixels is yet another platformer that provides you with an unlimited number of chances to succeed. I can't even begin to imagine if this game gave you finite lives--or worse, finite continues. As I see it, games this tough offer you infinite lives for a good reason. Developers know that games like this are addictive, they know you're going to be up all night trying to finish a particularly rough level, and they know you're going to keep telling yourself, "Just five more minutes!" for hours. An unlimited number of lives is an open invitation to play until you sink into a Lovecraftian level of madness. Of course, the game's collection of expertly built stages, boatloads of action, and messy killing skills help make it addictive as well.
Retro Spirit Games (Jan 06, 2013)
If you want a super hard, but fair and rewarding game then go for Spelunky, or Super Meat Boy. You could even go back and play some older games such as Ghouls 'N Ghosts, or the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2 on NES. These games will put your skills to the ultimate test, without making you want to embed your controller into the nearest wall. It's a real shame as They Bleed Pixels could have been really great, but it's design flaws let it down, turning what could have been an indie must-have into a game that isn't actually much fun to play.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 28, 2012)
Een fontein van bloederige pixels is wat je mag verwachten van They Bleed Pixels, een op H.P. Lovecraft geïnspireerde platform/beat'em up van Spooky Squid Games. Wanneer een naamloos meisje merkt dat ze niet alleen in haar nachtmerries maar ook in de echte wereld paars wordt en rode klauwen ontwikkelt, gaat ze op onderzoek uit. Ze springt over puntige staken en op zwevende platformen, ontwijkt zaagbladen en herleidt belagers met keiharde aanvallen en dodelijke combo's tot bloederige hoopjes pixels. Niet echt de topper waarop we hadden gehoopt, maar zeker het uitproberen waard.