Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Choosing the race, class and gender of your character.
Customizing your character.
The story of the race you choose to play.
The loading screens show artwork for the game.
Looting a corpse. (AssimX-Interface)
Someone parked his/her ship here. (AssimX-Interface)
A riftway stone which allows fast travel to other riftway stones on the continent. (AssimX-Interface)
Approaching the city Ahgram. (AssimX-Interface)
One of the many entrances to the city Ahgram. (AssimX-Interface)
Walking through Ahgram. (AssimX-Interface)
The blacksmith forge (AssimX-Interface)
Ahgram is big and empty. (AssimX-Interface)
Porting back to your bound location. (AssimX-Interface)
Hathor Zhi - starting point for the Dark Elves (AssimX-Interface)
What a beautiful day (AssimX-Interface)
The inventory (AssimX-Interface)
Fighting a big fly. (AssimX-Interface)
An altar at which you respawn after you die. (AssimX-Interface)
There are many skeletons scattered around the land.
Searching for another player. (AssimX-Interface)
Riding to the next outpost. (AssimX-Interface)
Casting a spell. (AssimX-Interface)
The scorpion stuns me. (AssimX-Interface)
At a vendor (AssimX-Interface)
Some cities have very big doors.
My bank account (AssimX-Interface)
Choosing the kind of item I want to make. (AssimX-Interface)
Setting up the table with the items I need for the process. (AssimX-Interface)
Start of the material refining process (AssimX-Interface)
Got a small complication (AssimX-Interface)
Refined Jute Bolts to Jute Cloth Bolt. (AssimX-Interface)
Choosing the item you want to craft. (AssimX-Interface)
The start of the crafting process. (AssimX-Interface)
A mail box in a city (AssimX-Interface)
You can zoom in to first-person perspective any time you want (AssimX-Interface)
Harvesting a Jute Plant. (AssimX-Interface)
That's whats left from a plant after harvesting it. (AssimX-Interface)
Starting a parley. (AssimX-Interface)
Top left the dialogue, top down my cards, on the right side the playing field (AssimX-Interface)
Each card is also acted out in the game world. (AssimX-Interface)
I need to keep the points in my favor ten more rounds. (AssimX-Interface)
I won and got a rumor. If I get enough of them, I can trade them in for items. (AssimX-Interface)
Riding a horse. (AssimX-Interface)
Collecting some quests. (AssimX-Interface)
Fighting a Dustwalker with the help of my minion. (AssimX-Interface)
Running towards an Outpost. (AssimX-Interface)
Riding under the Moon light
Alone in the night, missing her...
Riding across the fields.
Arriving at the docks.
Comrades planning the best approach to the battlefield.
The faster way to reach the enemies!
The party fighting in a dark dungeon.
Fighting again Garzonag, The Guardian.
Sailing near the coast.
Cold rain in the night
Reaching our destiny.
Shutdown notice displayed when trying to start the game after July 31, 2014.