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Wallace & Gromit in The Bogey Man Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Last time on Wallace & Gromit.
Major Crum has lost something - but doesn't know what.
Mrs. Flitt brings in her marriage counselor: her great aunt Prudence.
I can has nut butter sticks?
Dibbins is about to close down Paneer's shop because of vermins.
Wallace is the Rookie of the Year - at least on first glance.
Duncan McBiscuit - chairman of the country club.
Wallace has do find three clues with his clue-finder (patent pending).
One of the clues.
That book is missing a few pages.
One of the negative side effects of eating nut butter sticks: You can't open your mouth anymore.
Monty behind bars still cracking lame jokes.
Situation in the living room - Mrs. Flitt found out that Wallace plays golf.
Major Crum doesn't like to help Wallace solve the riddles.
Dibbins shows the Ganges Grip.
Solved a riddle and found the first of three keys.
The painting changes if you use the correct key.
Paneer tells a lame joke.
Yay, found another key.
This music-box is the key to one of the keys.
These paintings are the key to the final key.
Wallace trying to score a hid from the "ladie's line".
Found the deed to the golf course.
Only two holes left to go in the Chairman's Tournament.
Wallace is ready to go on and win the game.
Wallace managed to shoot the ball into the sewers.
Wallace is way behind but still nothing is lost.
And the ball goes wiiiiiiiddddddeeeee.
A simple trick even a professional golfer doesn't know about.
Gromit looks for the last hole.
The 18th hole has been uncovered.
Major Crum points the way.
Wallace doesn't know what to do and get's pushed by Major Crum.
Trapped in the sand - time for a mini-game.
Wallace's solution to the misery: Call Gromit.
The club house is one elaborate trap.
The bells are the key.
Gromit saved the day once more.