War Front: Turning Point Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen is displayed when the game first loads. It is followed by the animated logos for 10tacle, Digital Reality, Nvidia and Gamespy before anything starts. Time to make a cup of tea then.
There's a long animation at the start of the game that's quite well done. Lots of stirring music, detailed characters, planes and big tanks
When the game first loads the player has to enter a CD key and then the title screen is displayed
The game's main menu screen. The background picture keeps changing while the game waits for player input
One of the game configuration screens
The player can create multiple identities, useful when playing each nationality.
The Skirmish Mode takes the player on-line to play against other real people
The campaign mode starts with the 'Liberation of London'
The game has a very good Tutorial Mode.
Here the engineer truck, parked just right of centre has built a supply stash. A truck from the supply stash gathers resources which equate to cash.
New soldiers have been trained. In this game a rallying point can be placed so that all new soldiers go there automatically. Squads can be created and assigned to the numbered buttons in the top right
This screen shows the games night time effect.
Mission One: The Liberation of London. Nice the way the animated introduction makes London look like a small village, much prettier and more colourful than the real thing
This is Lynch. He's a Yank and he's going to capture an abandoned base behind German lines and free London. He's one of the game's heroes.
The mission briefing. The dialogue is heard piece by piece and it is displayed in the lower left panel as well. When the talking is over the whole conversation is displayed there.
The start of the Liberation mission
The players units are shown as green. The enemy are red and the blue soldiers are local resistance who pop out of buildings to join in. After the fight the survivors join the player's squad
Primary mission achieved but, wouldn't you just know it, there's more to the mission than just reaching the old base.
German battle group with Maus tanks and Hummel artillery.
German Luftwaffe - Stuka bombers and Me-262 fighters.
V1 and V2 launch facilities.
German medals
Roland Hellmann, the hero of the German campaign, together with some Panther tanks.