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Wik & the Fable of Souls Credits


ProducerSimon Hallam
Lead ProgrammerSimon Hallam
ProgrammingLars Brubaker, Brian Fisher, James C. Smith
Lead DesignerIon Hardie
Level DesignErnie Ramirez
MusicZach Young
Sound EffectsIon Hardie
Art DirectorJeff McAteer
Art and AnimationChung Ho Kan, Zach Young
StoryEric Dallaire, Simon Hallam, Ion Hardie, Ernie Ramirez
Additional Level DesignBrian Fisher, Simon Hallam, Zach Young
Reflexive is Managed by CEOLars Brubaker
Reflexive is Managed by CFOErnie Ramirez
Reflexive is Managed by Director - Software EngineeringJames C. Smith
Reflexive is Managed by Director - Product DevelopmentIon Hardie
Reflexive is Managed by Director - SalesMichael Mei
Reflexive is Managed by ChairmanMarlin Eller
Quality AssuranceDan Ruskin, Ion Hardie, Ernie Ramirez, Zach Young, Brian Fisher, Lars Brubaker, Simon Hallam, Karista Hennager, Chris Crest, Peter Trist, Christopher Matsumoto, Andrew Matsumoto, Chad Cihlar, Kari Cornelius, Geoff Fraser, Elizabeth C. Ramirez, Robert Ramirez, Terri Hardie, Melissa Beaudoin, Teresa Brubaker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Riamus (8519)