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Wing Commander: Prophecy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

The game begins with an ominous prophecy
Scene from the first cinematic
Pilots have a few thing to say to you
Casey joins the dialog
You'll jump to different star systems
Rec room - talking can inspire or alienate your fellow pilots
Ships Database
First briefing. Maverik makes his appearance
Preparing to launch into space
Ship's HUD. Enemies - red dots on the radar
A dogfight in the darkness of space

Windows version

Intro Start Up
The Prophecy of ancient Kilrathi texts
The player's character, Lance Casey
Meeting familiar faces; the previous player character, Christopher Blair ...
... Rachel ...
and of course, Maniac
Launch sequence
Getting orders at launch ...
... and further ones just after leaving the TCS Midway
We cover a marine's operation at a destroyed Kilrathi vessel
During a dogfight
The unknown enemy is teasing us
When getting hit the energy shield of an enemy ship will flash green
An enemy ship just blasted away
Ready to land after the mission is finished
The kill board
The Midway's data base has infomation on all kinds of fighters
Title screen: demo version
The game's background story: demo version
One of the screens detailing the keyboard commands: demo version