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Game Shark (Feb 19, 2004)
Capcom's new Auto Modellista does many things well that its recent Group S Challenge failed to do. For one thing, it is actually a lot of fun to play. The unapologetic arcade-like feel established by the game's unique (at least for a racing game) cel-shaded graphics combined with some nice simulation elements in controlling and upgrading the cars, proved just the ticket for a game simply a blast to play. Add in Xbox Live support and a garage mode that lets the players do all sorts of fun things to their cars, and you've got a package most Xbox racing fans will want to pick up and try.
TeamXbox (Jan 30, 2004)
Auto Modellista offers quite a bit for fans of the racing genre. A plethora of customizable options for the vehicles, as well as sleek and color visuals are sure to entertain fans for quite some time. For players with Xbox Live, the game has even more depth to offer. However, the incredibly tough controls as well as the unforgiving gameplay are sure to drive away many players. For gamers that can work past the controls and appreciate what it does have to offer, this is certainly a title to check out. For the other gamers that are looking for a pick up and play arcade racer, this won’t fulfill that need.
VGcore (May 01, 2004)
Overall, this is a racer set apart by its graphics, unique upgrade system and phenomenal replay value. However, with a steep learning curve, annoying audio and frustrating physics, this game warrants a rental. Other racers (like Project Gotham 2 or Need for Speed Underground) are much better investments.
GameSpot (Jan 27, 2004)
Auto Modellista has a fantastic look, but its gameplay unsuccessfully tries to straddle the line between simulation-style tuning options and arcade-style handling and collision physics. Capcom's cel-shaded racer Auto Modellista was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in March of 2003. Back then it had a very impressive look, but the rest of the game simply didn't stand up to the cool, anime-inspired visuals.
HardGamers (Feb 02, 2004)
Je trouve cela fort dommage pour Auto Modellista car il y avait là de quoi faire un bon jeu de course intéressant. Avec les multiples modifications que l’on peut faire aux voitures (point manquant pour Project Gotham Racing 2) et son petit look cel-shading plutôt réussi (pour les voitures), cela aurait pu être un bon jeu. Le problème est là par contre, c’est le jeu lui-même, ce qui me rappelle amèrement qu’à la base d’un jeu de courses, il y a les contrôles et dans ce cas-ci, ils sont vraiment mauvais. Si vous désirez un bon jeu de courses, ne regardez même pas Auto Modellista et prenez Project Gotham Racing 2 sans même réfléchir. Si vous avez déjà ce dernier, eh bien, louez-le pour l’essayer et voir que c’est amusant de modifier des voitures, mais après vos premières courses, vous reviendrez à PGR2 très rapidement. Si Auto Modellista était sorti avant PGR2, peut-être aurait-il eu de meilleures ventes, mais là je crois que c’est peine perdue.
IGN (Jan 27, 2004)
Let us preface this by saying that most of us here at IGN love Capcom games, but you should already know this. If you don't believe us, take a look at our glowing Viewtiful Joe review. Most of the stuff from the Mega Man camp is usually blessed with a magical touch.
TalkXbox (Apr 15, 2004)
I was really looking forward to finally getting my hands on Auto Modellista. It wasn’t a huge let down, like Enter the Matrix or Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but it’s a close third. I don’t understand how Capcom can expect gamers to pony up cash for this game when Project Gotham Racing 2 and Need for Speed Underground are on the shelf right next to it. The clunky controls, boring tracks, and no-frills Xbox Live implementation leave Auto Modellista at the starting line choking on the competition’s exhaust. If you absolutely must try the world’s first cel-shaded racer, I highly recommend making Auto Modellista a rental. I doubt you’ll be paying any late fees on it.
Deeko (2004)
There are better racers out there, far better than the likes of Auto Modellista. While I was amazed at the graphics found within, the overall gameplay is awful and I can't honestly find any fun to be had with it. The physics are terrible, the sound will drive you mad (if you listen to the announcer) or put you to sleep (if you listen to most of the music) and the Live feature is deplorably laughable. I've played worse, but this is definitely up there in the annals of really poor quality racing titles. Given the amount of time between versions, you would have thought that changes would have been made. They were promised, that's for sure, but they were never delivered and that is what truly makes Auto Modellista an experience you simply will want to miss.
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
The availability of Auto Modellista for the Xbox console is a little bit like indulging in downloading Jean Claude Van Damme movies on the Internet. You could spend the time investing in the opportunity and maybe even taking in the corniness with some friends, but with so much better products available, there really is no reason to. The gameplay's been tweaked but not really improved, and the game doesn't have a single aspect that propels it into the competition. This Auto's out of gas.
GameSpy (Feb 07, 2004)
New ideas in racing games don't happen too often. So, when Capcom showed off Auto Modellista almost two years ago, the gaming world stood up and took notice. It had a very distinct look, and people hoped it would take the genre to a whole different level. The hype turned out to be just that -- hype -- and the PS2 version received very mixed reviews. Nearly one year after that game's release, Capcom is bringing a slightly modified Auto Modellista to Xbox -- where the competition is tougher and the fans are more demanding.