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Ford Bold Moves Street Racing Credits (Xbox)

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Ford Bold Moves Street Racing Credits


ProductionKevin Bezant, Steve Hart, Jennie Bates
ArtRick Nath, Kam Chana, Steven Crow, Simon Davies, James Morris, Dan Zelcs, Marco Segers, Mika Välimaa, Damien Murphy, Adam Wilkinson, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Martinez-Normand, John Wilkinson, Keith Burden, Sanjay Nath
DesignAnthony Lewis, Michael Harman
ProgrammingDave Proctor, Todd Gibbs, Jeff Sheard, Dave Lomas, Dan Clarke, Graham Blackwood, Kostas Pataridis, Jason Turner, Ioannis Venetsanopoulos
Lead Sound DesignerRichard Beddow
Music ComposerRichard Beddow
Additional MusicianRoy Adams
Additional Sound DesignGreg Hill (Soundwave Concepts)
Internal QAGavin Clark, Richard Hughes

Empire Interactive

Senior Executive ProducerSimon Prytherch
Producer SupportSteven Metcalf
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
Assistant QA ManagerSteven Frazer
QA LeadClifford Ramsey
QAKyle Brewer, Wayne P. Gardner, Darren T. Bennett, Phillip Octave, James Knight, James Davis
Special Thanks ToThe Beanstalk Group, Terry Watts, Pam Goodey (our Los Angeles tour guide), Richard T. Weaver, NemeSys Technology Inc. & The Scarbee J-Slap, Keith LeBlanc (The Mix – Cymbals)

Eidos U.S. Publishing

CEO Eidos North AmericaBill Gardner
President, Eidos North AmericaBill Gardner
Executive Vice President of Sales & MarketingRobert Lindsey
Vice President, Legal & Business AffairsJames O'Riordan
Publishing Coordinator, Legal and Business AffairsClint Waasted
Vice President of FinanceMalcolm Dunne
Vice President of Human ResourcesEdie Dykstra
Director of MarketingMatt Gorman
Marketing ManagerDavid Bamberger
Director of Public RelationsMichelle Seebach Curran
Public Relations ManagerMatt Dahlgren
National Sales ManagerJoseph Morici
Channel Marketing ManagerJanty Sumimoto
Senior Channel Marketing SpecialistIlana Budanitsky
Channel Marketing Project ManagerDiane Eng
Channel Marketing CoordinatorRafal Dudziec
Director of Marketing CommunicationsStephanie Lipetzky
Creative Services Project ManagerEileen Buenviaje
Media SpecialistMichael Tran
Graphic DesignerJames Song
Web ProducerRoderick van Gelder
Web DesignerJohn Lerma
Events ManagerAnnie Meltzer
Operations ManagerGregory Wu
Senior External ProducerNick Goldsworthy
Associate Project ManagerClayton Palma
Associate Manager of Product OperationsColby McCracken
Customer Support SupervisorSean McCloskey
Customer Support CareAdam Braswell
QA / CS ManagerMark Cartwright
QA SupervisorAaron Safronoff
QA LeadStephen Cavoretto
QA TechniciansAaron Keillor, John Hayes, Nicholas Cooprider, Nicholas Lutz, Wilfredo Dimas, Richard Hartzell
Special ThanksMark Bentley, Sandra Greenberg, Jim Ryan, Jill Harrell, Patrick Mulligan, Bill Price, Karl Stewart, Danny Jiang, Elyse Hughes, Jason Lars Bergquist, Everyone at the Ford Global Licensing team, Hanshaw Ink & Image

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158962) and MegamanX64 (16063)