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Game Chronicles (Mar 23, 2003)
I enjoy surprises and not only was Murakumo not on my “watch list” for 2003, I had never even heard of the title before it arrived at our office for review. I had no idea what to expect, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this game. It’s not the most sophisticated flight-combat game you’ll ever play, but the Xbox isn’t exactly bulging at the seams with air-combat games these days and certainly none as original as flying humanoid robots over a complex city at supersonic speeds.
XboxAddict (Nov 02, 2003)
All i can say is this game is just about destroying everything in sight. Have time to kill ? Put this one on your Xbox and pursuit the mechs !!
On a more positive note, the simplistic, fast-paced action and interface make it easy for anyone to sit down and immediately play. Plus, most will initially find it exciting to zip in between buildings at breakneck speeds. However, these two positives don't compensate for the game's fundamentally flawed design.
Gamers' Temple, The (Apr 03, 2003)
I received Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit last week and was a little worried about it before I even started to play the game. Why? Well for one thing I never heard of it. Sure there are hundreds of games out there for all of the various consoles, but I try to do a decent job of keeping track of them. So when a game makes it from the drawing board all the way to my desk without me knowing about it I get nervous. Yet sometimes one of the “sneak attacks” end ups being a real jewel and those are exciting times indeed. But other times there is a reason the game was under the radar for so long; it stinks. Unfortunately Murakumo falls into the latter group and I’ll tell you why…
Murakumo's gameplay design is definitely different, but seeing that I grew bored of it after an hour, I'd have to say it's an experiment gone awry. If you can picture a video game adaptation of The Return of the Jedi's speeder bike chase, you have a good idea as to how the action in Murakumo unfolds. It's basically a high-speed chase through sprawling metropolitan high-rises.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 19, 2003)
Overall, Murakumo is full on style but short on substance. Although it’s firing on all cylinders in terms of presentation, the repetitiveness is disheartening and becomes too boring to make Murakumo even a recommended rental.
GamePro (US) (Mar 05, 2003)
There's a debilitating lack of variety in Murakumo's missions, too. Rescue the news helicopter means chase yet another rogue mech through the city and then watch a cut-scene in which the helicopter is actually rescued. The cut-scenes are the best part of the game, though the soundtrack and voice acting are bland. The intro cinematics are thrilling with a polished romp through a city under attack. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a false promise when the chips are down. Stick with Zone of the Enders or MechAssault if you want a giant robot fix.
IGN (Mar 06, 2003)
Look guys, I wanted to like this game too. The fact is that it's just awful. Awful awful awful. It's ugly, frustrating and extremely repetitive. Murakumo is easily the worst game on Xbox this year, and I can count the Xbox games I've enjoyed less on one hand. If you're looking for a decent mech game, you've still got options. Either save yourself some money and pick up the now-dirt cheap, and far better Robotech: Battlecry or save up for Steel Battalion. Sure it's four times as expensive, but it's about a thousand times more fun. Whatever you do, don't buy, rent, or even think about Murakumo. Remember, we play these turds so you don't have to.
Worth Playing (Mar 27, 2003)
This is the part of the review where I tend to talk about the replay value of the game. But how do you talk about the replay, when I am not even recomending you play this title at all? If you do end of playing this for what ever reason, and yes I feel your pain, there are extra missions to unlock, a new mech, and other modes of play. All of which find you (Guess What!) chasing a robot through a city! At one point I was really hyped up for this game, but all of that was sucked out of me as I had to play through this for the sake of this review. Thankfuly none of you do.
G4 Tech: Tech TV (Mar 28, 2003)
From Software had a great success with the "Armored Core" series, but "Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit" is a very different breed of game. Even the unique, high-speed approach isn't enough to offset the limitations of this otherwise good-looking action shooter. All but the most battle-hardened rail gunners are advised to proceed with caution.
GameSpy (Mar 30, 2003)
The lack of manageable control and the nearly on-rails gameplay are just two of the sorest sore thumbs that stick out, which if fixed could have made the game at least halfway enjoyable. If a sequel is being planned, I wholeheartedly suggest a rethinking from the ground up. Murakumo does not live up to From Software's storied history with huge gun-toting robots. It's best picked up as a budget title, or better yet, a three-day rental.
35 (May 26, 2003)
Mouais, il n'a vraiment pas grand chose pour lui ce Murakumo. Avec sa réalisation à deux euros et son gameplay plat et répétitif doublé d'une jouabilité discutable, le titre ne retiendra pas le joueur très longtemps. D'autant que même si vous tenez jusqu'au bout, l'absence d'un multijoueur ne vous attirera guère à lui de nouveau. Un soft lassant, énervant, à oublier.
GameSpot (Mar 27, 2003)
Murakumo might seem like a highly entertaining game at first, but it is in fact one of the worst games to come out for the Xbox this year. All of the missions in the game (even the ones that you can unlock by completing Murakumo's main mode) grow incredibly tiresome, not only because they're mostly identical but also because the mechs themselves are so poorly designed. Replay value shouldn't be a concern for most since you'll probably stop playing the game after a few missions anyway, never to see Murakumo again. If you're looking for some giant robot action, go pick up MechAssault instead.
Factornews (Jun 16, 2003)
Murakumo amuse pendant les dix premières minutes. Le jeu est laid mais se trouve être rapidement jouable, avec un gameplay fun et rapide, ce qui est rare pour le genre. Reste qu’après quelques missions rigoureusement identiques, on se rend compte de la supercherie et on se retrouve avec une belle bouse sur les bras. A éviter donc.
Extreme Gamer (May 13, 2003)
I think by now you must know what I think about this game. It is definitely a waste of disk space to even play this game once! Talk about a waste of processor time! I hate to talk bad about an UBI Soft game they are usually pretty good. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!?!? I would never want anyone to waste his or her time with this game! Murakumo is coaster material