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Some core players might find the puzzle elements and on-rails battle sequences too easy, but I’m definitely not one of them. As a story-focused motion control offering, Fable: The Journey shows off the Kinect’s potential while still existing as far more than a technology demo; this is a true Fable in all senses of the word.
GamingXP (Oct 18, 2012)
Ich bin hin- und hergerissen von „Fable: The Journey“: Das Spiel ist in einem tollen Setting angesiedelt, das mich sehr anspricht, aber leider hat es einige Kinderkrankheiten. Das ungenaue Zielen nervt, die Steuerung ist anstrengend und das Gameplay nicht abwechslungsreich. Schnell hat man sich „satt gespielt“. Andererseits ist „Fable: The Journey“ genau das Richtige fĂŒr eine Spielrunde am Abend, um abzuschalten und noch ein Abenteuer mit der Familie zu erleben. Das Spiel wird keinen Hardcore-Zocker lange an den Bildschirm fesseln, aber Familien schöne, fantasiereiche Abende bescheren – und das ist ja hier das Ziel! Viel Spaß!
Strong characters entertain throughout the game's uncharacteristically involving story, with sheer imagination turning those limited core systems into something just that little bit more magical. There are tears, laughter - and most importantly, the first successful stab at Kinect-enhanced immersion - as Fable: The Journey gallops toward its epic conclusion.
With a sprawling, graphically intense world part of a near fifteen-hour campaign, Fable: The Journey breaks any conceptions of what a Kinect title can be. It’s not demo material or a novelty release, but an uncompromising adventure game that weaves an engrossing story while utilizing the full potential of motion control. It doesn’t always work flawlessly, but the sheer ambition alone makes it a must-own for Fable and Kinect fans alike.
The title takes about a dozen hours to complete (though you likely won’t run through the game in a single sitting as it’s a bit more active, swinging both arms around), and despite my greatest wish for Fable IV, this isn’t a bad offshoot. The game doesn’t resort to stupid mini-games, instead properly integrating the Kinect into every aspect of the gameplay and storyline in a natural way. Keith played the game at E3 and was impressed, but I was skeptical. Now I’ve played the game and I’m a believer. While the cart portions didn’t resonate with me particularly, the combat delivers in every way. If you’ve got a Kinect gathering dust, you need to get it plugged back in. While Fable: The Journey has its fair share of issues, it is certainly one of the best non-dance games for the Kinect.
GameSpot (Oct 10, 2012)
Fable: The Journey makes excellent use of the Kinect. By focusing on just a few different actions that don't require much precision, it keeps you keyed in on your experience rather than fighting with the controls. But that's beside the point; you won't even be thinking about the controls before long. It's the way this game unfolds that's so enthralling. From the strong relationships you build to the dangers you conquer along the way, you're drawn in until this fantastic story is resolved. Fable: The Journey recognizes beauty everywhere. It doesn't matter if you're admiring the grand mountain vistas or having a quiet moment at the camp with Seren, you understand why it's worth fighting for the things you care most about.
MondoXbox (Oct 14, 2012)
Sulla storia di Fable ci si potrebbe discutere per ore. La mia convinzione ù che questa saga sia stata rovinata sin dai primi roboanti annunci all’epoca della prima Xbox, quando un ruspante Molyneux caricava i fan presentando il rivoluzionario Project Ego, titolo così ambizioso quanto (forse ancora oggi) irrealizzabile. Dopo diversi tagli decisi nacque Fable e non era la stessa cosa ma comunque un gioco ottimo, anzi eccellente. Quello che voglio dire ù che se un giocatore si avvicina a Fable: The Journey libero dal pensiero di un nuovo e rivoluzionario Fable allora lo potrà apprezzare, anzi scoprirà inedite sfaccettature riguardanti la storia. Giocare con la mente libera da possibili hype farà la differenza: consideratelo come uno spin-off leggero e spensierato pensato per Kinect e potreste ritrovarvi un gioco molto piacevole, non privo di difetti ma sicuramente interessante.
Darkstation (Oct 29, 2012)
Fable: The Journey is by no means for everyone. It has many of the same faults of previous games in the series despite being so different. Somehow the story and the simplistic gameplay come together and work. Fable games have never been known for their challenge level or their complex systems and The Journey is no different. Like the games before it, Fable: The Journey stands strong on its accessibility, its sense of charm and wonder and because it, more than any other game, makes you feel like the hero of a fairytale.
GamezGeneration (Nov 11, 2012)
Fable: The Journey ist sprichwörtlich eine zweiseitige Medaille. Die PrĂ€sentation und die AtmosphĂ€re im Spiel sind wirklich sehr gut gelungen und man fĂŒhlt sich in Albion als Fable Fan sofort wieder heimisch. Davon abgesehen, hat der Titel aber bis auf das Setting und einige Charaktere nicht mehr viel mit den ursprĂŒnglichen Rollenspieltiteln gemein. FĂŒr sich allein gesehen kann der Titel fĂŒr Kinect aber dennoch ĂŒberzeugen und hat lediglich mit einem etwas zu monotonen Spielverlauf und einer „anstrengenden“ Steuerung zu kĂ€mpfen. Auch wirken die Fahrsequenzen im Spiel wie ein kĂŒnstliches Mittel, um die Spielzeit in die LĂ€nge zu ziehen. Wer aber neben all den Sport-, Tanz- und Minispielen mal ein etwas anderes Kinectspiel mit einer netten Story und sympathischem Setting sucht, sollte sich Fable: The Journey unbedingt genauer ansehen!
Cheat Code Central (Oct 09, 2012)
Fable: The Journey doesn't overstay its welcome. You can beat it in nine or ten hours, a far cry from the 30-hour epic stories of other Fable games. It's a fun little side story that doesn't hook you like other RPGs, but does keep you entertained for the most of its running time. Most importantly, Fable: The Journey is the closest thing we have to a hardcore motion-controlled game, and it sets some amazing groundwork for future motion titles. If motion controls survive long enough, Fable: The Journey proves that we may see them sneak into the hardcore scene yet.
Una volta finito, perĂČ, resta poco e si vede che per strada si Ăš provato a farlo diventare quello che, forse, non sarebbe potuto diventare: un vero e proprio RPG con dinamiche da sparatutto e i comandi gestuali. Ha poco spessore e scorre via come una favola, raccontata con tanti particolari e un finale un po' cosĂŹ, orfano di un vero e proprio scontro in cui fare tesoro delle tecniche apprese. Forse, ora che Molyneux se n'Ăš andato, Gabriel e Albion prenderanno un po' dello spazio lasciato per ricominciare a crescere. Per adesso, se avete Kinect e volete lanciare incantesimi e palle di fuoco, potete farvi sotto, senza timore di scottarvi, considerato anche il prezzo.
NZGamer (Oct 12, 2012)
Quite frankly, Albion really needs to be seen from the first person perspective; it's satisfying indeed. And, let's face it: casting spells with nothing but your hands is pretty awesome.
Gaming Age (Oct 24, 2012)
If you own a Kinect, I definitely feel like Fable: The Journey is worth checking out. It works extremely well as a unique, core experience, and considering those experiences are few and far between on Kinect, I think that’s saying something. And if you’re a Fable fan, you’ll definitely find some enjoyment over the setting, characters, and lore offered up here. It’s nice to get a Kinect game that actually works every once in a while, and Fable: The Journey certainly works quite well.
InsideGamer (Oct 15, 2012)
Fable: The Journey is een geslaagde Kinect-game. Het is duidelijk te zien dat Lionhead de game om het apparaat heen heeft gebouwd en weet hoe ze ‘m moet gebruiken. De gameplay is intuïtief en werkt, al is hij erg herhalend. In het overschone Albion van deze game is een leuk avontuur te beleven, dat bovendien een voorbeeld mag zijn voor andere ontwikkelaars. Hoewel het niet de perfecte Kinect-game is, is het wel een grote stap in de goede richting.
Impulse Gamer (Nov, 2012)
As “Scream-At-The-TV-And-Then-Curl-Up-In-The-Foetal-Position-Sobbing-Uncontrollably” infuriating as the game can be at times, especially when trying to interact with environmental puzzles with some degree of accuracy, Fable: The Journey is a rewarding experience and is easily the most ambitious game I’ve played on the Kinect so far. Rising above many of the system’s shortcomings, areas of the game may fall into some of the same traps many developers find themselves in due to the Kinect’s limited capabilities, but when the game works it provides one of the most engaging and immersive titles available, inventively putting the technology to great use.
Console Monster (Dec 19, 2012)
For Kinect owners who love Fable, The Journey is a must buy and will likely result in many hours being spent traversing Albion, enjoying a charming story with interesting characters and likely finding a new love the Xbox 360 peripheral. If you're on the fence about whether or not you need another Kinect game or you're trying to find an excuse to purchase a Kinect, Fable: The Journey is by far one of the reasons to pick up this piece of kit. Is this the end of Kinect or Fable? Far from it.
IGN (Oct 09, 2012)
Take the following away from this review if nothing else: The Journey is a legitimately fun game that happens to be played with Kinect
when the hardware works properly. It simply won’t at times, though, and while that shouldn't stop you from giving it a try, it is something you should prepare for.
Meristation (Oct 09, 2012)
Se aprecia que es un tĂ­tulo first party, con Microsoft revisando todo el proyecto, lo que le ha conseguido unos Ăłptimos valores de producciĂłn y un manejo, por lo general, satisfactorio. Pero es tan plano, tan fĂĄcil y tan poco original que no llega a la calidad y sorpresa que podĂ­a esperarse. Eso sĂ­, sigue dejĂĄndonos un viaje precioso audiovisualmente y una fĂĄbula interactiva que podrĂĄ resultar inolvidable a quien nunca se haya introducido en videojuegos, pues es un producto pensado para la total accesibilidad, sin sofisticaciones ni riesgos, apto para todo tipo de pĂșblicos. El universo Fable llega a la tĂłnica general de los juegos para Kinect.
Eurogamer.it (Oct 09, 2012)
Giocare in questo modo a Fable risulta inizialmente affascinante e a tratti divertente, ma alla lunga le soddisfazioni che si ricevono sono in parte rovinate dai problemi tecnici legati alla periferica e indicati nel corso della recensione. La natura fiabesca da cui Ăš nata la serie riecheggia di tanto in tanto nel corso dell'avventura ma molti degli elementi che avevano reso a loro modo unici i primi due capitoli sono totalmente scomparsi, lasciando spazio allo sbigottimento di chi forse si aspettava la redenzione definitiva della saga.
Joystiq (Oct 09, 2012)
Though it struggles with this repetitiveness at times, The Journey's wonderful vistas, heartwarming character and inventive use of the Kinect offer an experience that is blissfully pleasant, even soothing. Aside from the inclusion of Theresa, the familiar enemies, and the humor, however, there's not a whole lot of Fable in this Fable game. If you're a fan of the series for the customization and choices, The Journey is likely to disappoint. Then again, Fable's been around now for almost ten years, so it's possible some of the players who fell in love with little Sparrow might have a few little sparrows of their own now, and The Journey provides an opportunity to introduce family members to the series in a nice, peaceful way. For everyone else, The Journey offers a tantalizing glimpse into what Fable 3 might have been, and what the series might look like in the future.
Spazio Games (Oct 10, 2012)
Fable The Journey ha dimostrato in maniera definitiva che Kinect ha diversi problemi. Solo l’astuzia e l’esperienza dei programmatori ù riuscita a salvare il progetto dall’abisso dei titoli kinect fallimentari, regalando al pubblico un prodotto piacevole da giocare e che sarà intrattenere per almeno una decina d’ore. Graficamente piacevole e con una storia in grado di suscitare diverse emozioni, Fable he Journey merita almeno una prova. Allenate le braccia Albion vi attende!
videogamer.com (Oct 11, 2012)
While I didn’t bond with my horse as much as Molyneux may have liked, I fell head over heels for Albion. It’s a game of two halves, and there’s not much to see outside the 8-hour story, but Fable: The Journey is the unexpected surprise Kinect needed.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Oct 09, 2012)
Fable: The Journey er et solidt kÞb, hvis du savner et udmÊrket Kinect-eventyr og allerede ved hvilken slags problemer du kan forvente, grundet din tidligere erfaringer med spil det til unikke kamera. Vi andre bÞr dog overveje en ekstra gang, om ikke pengene mÄske er bedre brugt pÄ at spare op til den nÊste generation af Kinect-teknolgi.
Vandal Online (Oct 11, 2012)
Para los aficionados a Fable o quienes les guste jugar con Kinect, The Journey es un alto en el camino, una pausa para disfrutar de la serie, para divertirse con una buena aventura, para gozar de la sensaciĂłn de poder que dan los hechizos y para relajarse en medio de tanta acciĂłn trepidante como hay hoy dĂ­a en los juegos.
There's a sense throughout Fable: The Journey that it has been designed to be a sidestep away from anything like the main Fable series. Much like side-scrolling slash em up, Fable Heroes, Fable: The Journey is an experiment by Lionhead to see what else can be garnered from the Albion universe. Is it as successful or as ambitious as something like the original Fable? No, not quite. It still manages to be like nothing else out there, however. It's a game that, unlike other Kinect titles, can be enjoyed alone, just as much as it can be enjoyed with the family at Christmas time. It's a rough beginning and the horse riding does grate after time, but Fable: The Journey offers just enough variety that in the end, you'll be smiling. And aching. It is a Kinect game, after all.
XboxAchievements (Oct 12, 2012)
How much you enjoy Fable: The Journey will largely depend on what you want from a game. If you’re after a great, lovingly told story, then you’re in for a treat. If you’re looking for exciting, responsive gameplay, then you may want to look elsewhere.
4Players.de (Oct 12, 2012)
Vorgegebene Routen statt offener Welt: Das Experiment geht nur im Kampf auf, der mit gelungener Bewegungserkennung punktet. Im Umfeld gibt es zu viele LĂ€ngen.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 31, 2012)
Ondanks een prima sfeer en enkele leuke momenten raakt Fable: The Journey verstrengeld in zijn onvermogen om Kinect foutloos te laten werken. De core gamer blijft in de kou staan.
Official XBox Magazine (Oct 09, 2012)
When it works, Fable: The Journey is one of the best Kinect games to date. But far too often, it doesn’t work correctly. We recommend moving your couch aside so you can play sitting in a high-back chair, but that’s hardly an ideal solution. As fun as it is at times, The Journey feels like a trip that’s gone on too long, eventually growing irritating and annoying.
3D Juegos (Oct 12, 2012)
Fable: The Journey es otra oportunidad perdida para Kinect. Por ambiciosa que sea su propuesta y bonito que resulte el envoltorio artĂ­stico, la imprecisiĂłn de los controles y lo repetitivo de sus acciones lo convierten en un tĂ­tulo que no pasa de lo meramente aceptable. SĂłlo resulta recomendable para los que no se frustran con facilidad, y disfrutan de productos audiovisualmente notables y caracterizados por una baja dificultad.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 16, 2012)
Fable : The Journey surprend finalement le joueur de maniĂšre plutĂŽt positive, en lui donnant la possibilitĂ© de participer Ă  un voyage initiatique rondement menĂ©, adaptĂ© Ă  la maniabilitĂ© avec Kinect. Les dĂ©veloppeurs nous ont en effet concoctĂ© un gameplay rĂ©jouissant et rĂ©actif, hĂ©las plombĂ© par des problĂšmes techniques bien frustrants. On recommandera quand mĂȘme ce titre un tout petit peu trop rĂ©pĂ©titif aux possesseurs de Kinect, puisqu'il nous dĂ©livre une aventure efficace et accessible Ă  tous.
GameTrailers (Oct 10, 2012)
Fable: The Journey is a gorgeous game with clever levels, but the abysmal controls make it all for naught. For all it does right, playing it feels like a frustrating chore, and no amount of affection for the Fable series will make its failings easy to overlook. Your best bet is to pass this one up and move along.
TrueAchievements (Oct 17, 2012)
Ultimately, Fable: The Journey is a mixed bag. It looks lovely and retains the appealing, humorous tone of previous titles, with an engaging and fast-paced storyline. It's fun and diverting in short bursts and you develop a real connection to some of the characters; your horse in particular. There are some interesting ideas at play and fairly unique uses of the Kinect technology. However, it ultimately all feels rather shallow and repetitive, with nothing in particular that will make people sit up and take notice. With some control frustrations, Kinect detractors won't find anything to change their minds about motion control, but lovers of Albion and those who want more from their Kinect than dancing or mini-games should definitely take a look.
RPG Site (Oct 09, 2012)
What Fable: The Journey has taught me is that it doesn't matter if the game is on rails or not - if its controls are broken, the game is broken. When it works it's magical, but it doesn't work often enough. With the potential the rest of the package has, that is a crying shame.
Giant Bomb (Oct 09, 2012)
In light of the occasional technical problems, The Journey gets by largely on its charm, which is in abundance. There's mirth and melancholy in equal measure over the course of the storyline, which isn't especially original but is rendered effectively nonetheless. As cheeky and lighthearted as Fable is (and this installment is no exception), it says something about the game's talent for melodrama that you end up genuinely feeling sorry for certain characters on several occasions when bad things happen to them, and the game culminates in a moment that will likely be among the most poignant seen in a game this year. The whole thing is just so gosh darn British, too, which I imagine is less of a selling point if you are British. That pervasive sprinkling of refined, humorous nonsense makes The Journey feel a little more like one worth taking, even when some of its nuts and bolts are less appealing.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Oct 11, 2012)
It's a game inspired by Molyneux madness, a designer now absent from Fable's lands; a designer without whom this project would likely never have bolted from the stable door. As such it's unique, unlikely and uneven, but also the kind of unsafe game that is rarely created in mainstream circles these days. For that reason, despite the simplicity, the linearity, the dearth of meaningful systems, it is also curiously fascinating.
Digital Spy (Oct 16, 2012)
For all of its faults, Fable: The Journey is undoubtedly an experience, and one of the better single-player Kinect games on the market, even if it is a journey you're unlikely to make more than once.
D+PAD Magazine (Nov 05, 2012)
When the Kinect is sober enough to reveal the better parts of The Journey, magic can definitely happen. But even if Fable The Journey worked flawlessly, it wouldn’t be the most exciting or daring game to ever come about. Sadly, even though the identifiable Fable charm found all over The Journey lends much-needed character to the proceedings, the Kinect’s technical blemishes can too often account for more motion-related headaches than you might be willing to put up with.
XGN (Dec 02, 2012)
Fable: The Journey is helaas niet het knallende afscheid geworden dat Molyneux ongetwijfeld voor ogen had. De Kinect-besturing is daarvoor simpelweg te wispelturig, hetgeen zonder twijfel zal leiden tot een boel frustratie. De momenten waarop het spel wél werkt, boksen daar helaas niet tegenop. De prachtige wereld van Albion en de heerlijke sfeer maken dit vooral voor de Fable-fans deels goed, maar desondanks is The Journey niet de Kinect-killer die het had moeten zijn. Zonde.
I really wanted to like Fable: The Journey more than I did. It has all the right elements for some great gaming with beautiful graphics, an excellent script and voice work, and the talents of a development team known for fantastic titles. So what happened? I would have to say the Kinect failed this game. I had very few stretches of trouble free gaming and the issues pointed directly at it at this motion control peripheral, which is so full of promise. At the end of the day the pacing, environment and storytelling goes someway towards offsetting the Kinect specific issues, resulting in an average game that shouldn’t fail to captivate fans of the series and some new players who are there for the ride. If issues with using the Kinect hardware could be overcome, I for one would take this journey more than once.
Jeux Vidéo Network (Oct 18, 2012)
Du haut de sa carriole, Fable : The Journey scrute l’horizon avec ambition mais avec le cul entre deux chaises. En dehors de l’univers, les fans ne retrouveront rien des qualitĂ©s de la sĂ©rie, tandis que le public habituel des jeux Kinect rĂ©sistera sans doute Ă  l’appel de l’aventure. NĂ©anmoins, Ă  condition de passer outre les soucis de prise en main et d’ĂȘtre relativement jeune, ce spin-off peut constituer une bonne porte d’entrĂ©e dans le monde magique d’Albion.
GamesRadar (Oct 09, 2012)
Fable: The Journey is a game that should deliver magic, but instead, the spell fizzles. It offers engaging moments, such as the bond with your equine partner, a simplified glimpse into Albion that provides color and context to the core games, and glimmers of motion-controlled greatness. Unfortunately, even with multiple calibrations to Kinect, it’s an uneven game that feels less inclined to reward skill and more inclined to favor random flailing. If the game’s combat felt more precise, and other motion-based gameplay were more diverse, it’d offer up an excellent yarn. In its current form, however, it’s largely unsatisfying. If you want to truly experience Albion, you may want to consider other Fable games instead.
Everyeye.it (Oct 09, 2012)
Per tanti mesi Molyneux ha cercato di convincerci che Fable The Journey fosse un titolo caratterizzato dagli stessi valori produttivi dei capitoli principali. Un'altra avventura magica nel mondo di Albion, ricca e sfaccettata. Non Ăš cosĂŹ: questo Fable non ha niente di avventuroso, di eroico, o di epico. Si tratta di un gioco su binari, che alterna fasi da semplice shooter ad altre in cui guidare una stanca carovana fra strade pericolose e poco battute. Nonostante in certi momenti il carattere della saga torni a brillare, nel racconto di un viandante o della veggente Theresa, le sessioni giocate annoiano in fretta, monotone e scarsamente ispirate. Eravamo pronti per un ultimo viaggio nel mondo di Fable, se non altro per salutare il suo creatore, ma non era questa la destinazione che avremmo scelto.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 09, 2012)
At best, Fable: The Journey shows us that a first-person Fable game would be pretty damn cool
with a controller. This perspective works well for this world, its foes, and the cartoony art style. Even if you’re convinced you can live with unexpected Kinect malfunctions, the game itself doesn’t offer many thrills in any of its action sequences. It’s a cakewalk of a game that spends far too much time admiring its scenic sights from horseback. Now, if you’re looking for a horse and carriage simulator that periodically makes you feel like you’re drunk, run out and get it immediately.
G4 Tech: Tech TV (Oct 16, 2012)
With the rich Fable ascetics and humor, it’s a real bummer that The Journey didn’t work out. It’s an unfortunate circumstance that the game was limited by the hardware and the unpredictable variables that surround it. Despite what Peter Molyneux might want you to believe, Fable: The Journey is an on-rails adventure, but that’s okay. It works to its advantage and makes for an extremely cool setting and adventure, that’s sadly brought down by uncontrollable elements. Fable: The Journey is a great idea, but when it doesn’t work most of the time, it’ll quickly frustrate you and remind you of the worst Kinect experiences.
Games TM (Oct 17, 2012)
Nevertheless, Dead Space: Extraction at least had the Wii Remote. Fable: The Journey only has Kinect, and once again it’s too unresponsive, too fiddly and too annoying to carve a genuinely enjoyable experience out of Albion. Whether Fable: The Journey was a labour of love or a contractual obligation matters little; when all’s said and done the only thing that matters is that this feels like another nail in the coffin for this generation’s version of Kinect – and perhaps even its last.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Oct 11, 2012)
I slutÀndan kan Fable: The Journey bara rekommenderas för verkliga Fable-fanatiker. Den sedvanliga charmen och humorn frÄn serien Àr intakt, och storyn Àr inte helt dum. För oss andra Àr det dock alldeles för frustrerande att rollspela med Kinect och inte ens nÀr det fungerar blir det sÄdÀr riktigt roligt. TyvÀrr, men det första riktigt bra Kinect-spelet för gamers lÄter Àven fortsatt vÀnta pÄ sig.
Level 7 (Oct 20, 2012)
Lionhead Studios har gjort ett ambitiöst försök att skapa ett rejÀlt Àventyrsspel till Kinect. Det Àr bara synd att det Àr gjort just till Kinect. Kontrollen Àr för ofta alldeles för oprecis, hÀst och vag-segmenten blir för lÄngtrÄkiga och risken Àr stor att du kommer svÀra medan du viftar framför tv:n. TyvÀrr gör Kinect-kontrollen att den fina designen och de bra röstskÄdespelarna hamnar i skymundan.
Eurogamer.pt (Oct 21, 2012)
Fable: The Journey Ă© a prova de que em determinados gĂ©neros, o Kinect representa um retrocesso em vez de progresso. O mais impressionante, pelo lado negativo, foi a falta de honestidade de Peter Molyneux (que jĂĄ abandonou os estĂșdios Lionhead) enquanto o jogo estava em produção. Mais que uma vez foi sublinhado que Fable: The Journey nĂŁo era um jogo on-rails, no entanto, o que temos em mĂŁos Ă© um jogo on-rails pouco inspirado e com pouca criatividade. É pouco recomendĂĄvel seja a quem for, sejam fĂŁs de Fable ou nĂŁo.
ZTGameDomain (Nov 02, 2012)
Given the game’s sense of humor and the limitations of the Kinect hardware, Fable: The Journey could be forgiven for being a linear game with occasionally repetitive combat. The sheer amount of time spent in travel kills any momentum though, and the combat breaks down to thrusting your arms at the screen and hoping for the best. It’s a real shame, because it’s fun when it works, and using push to pick up an explosive barrel and toss it into a group of enemies is a blast. Unfortunately, those moments are few and far between. Fable: The Journey doesn’t make good use of the Kinect hardware, and the results are less then magical.
The Escapist (Oct 11, 2012)
Playing through the game all you can see is the missed opportunity. The world around you is interesting and begging to be explored, but your movement is on rails so you can't do anything about it. Pick any complaint you might have about Kinect games - they feel like tech demos, they're unresponsive, they're repetitive - and Fable: The Journey is guilty of it.
Eurogamer.de (Oct 15, 2012)
Fable: The Journey startete als LĂŒge und endet jetzt als EnttĂ€uschung. Was fĂŒr eine Verschwendung des bei Lionhead offensichtlich vorhandenen technischen Talents. Und welche Rolle ihr ehemaliger Chef dabei spielte, der damals schon bei diesem Interview gewusst haben musste, wie das enden wĂŒrde, darĂŒber will ich mir fĂŒr den Moment keine weiteren Gedanken machen. Das Spiel reicht mir fĂŒr den Moment.
Gamer.no (Oct 19, 2012)
Om du ikke har vÊrt pÄ oppdagelsesferd i Albion enda er det bedre mÄter Ä gjÞre det pÄ enn med The Journey. Her sitter du verken med markedets beste Fable-spill eller beste Kinect-spill. En del av meg sitter redd tilbake, bekymret for at Fable-serien har satt i gang en selvdestruksjonsprosess.
Eurogamer.se (Nov 02, 2012)
Lite roligt Àr det att vÀrlden förÀndras om du har en sparfil frÄn Fable III pÄ din Xbox 360 eller att du kan spendera guld frÄn Fable Legends-spelet i Journey. Det Àr möjligt att Fable-kompletisten kan fÄ ut nÄgot av att pressa sig igenom de fem till tio timmar, beroende pÄ hur mÄnga sidouppdrag du tar, som det tar att rÀdda vÀrlden denna gÄng. Jag tycker inte att de fÄ glimtarna av Lionhead-briljans som skymtas bakom trasigt styrsystem och enspÄrigt upplÀgg rÀttfÀrdigar att spelet över huvud taget lanserats.
Destructoid (Oct 07, 2012)
In other words, it's yet another motion control game masquerading as something adventurous and bold, but frequently exposing itself for the shallow, monotonous, borderline broken experience it actually is. While some elements of Fable: The Journey really do work, and no effort has been spared to make this look and feel like a quality product, the reality is that no amount of polish can hide the inherent faultiness of the end result. The Journey wants so desperately to impress you, but it can only ever ruin your day.
Game Revolution (Oct 09, 2012)
Fable: The Journey is just a jumbled bunch of nonsense. I believe the intentions for making this game were good as far as the Kinect technology, but the poor controls coupled with the weak storyline really hurt this title. It seems like someone may have had a good idea for a first-person Kinect game and ended up slapping the Fable brand on it to see how it would do, which is quite horrendous. I think if they would have reworked the concept, stripped out every trace of Fable, and made this a My Little Pony title, it might have made some sense.
Metro.co.uk (Oct 09, 2012)
A more noble failure than most Kinect games, but a failure all the same. And even beneath the control issues not a particularly good on-the-rails shooter.

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