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Mass Effect 2 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Title screen, connected to the "Cerberus Network."
Profile screen. Skills have been cut down from the first game.
Gamestop Terminus armor.
Inside the new and improved Normandy.
Galaxy travel map.
The asteroid Omega. Rough, but you'll find what you need.
On the far left is Zaeed, the first free add-on character from the Cerberus Network.
Nightclub on Omega. Our informant is inside.
Get a drink, watch a show, or talk to some locals.
Docked view of the Normandy SR-2
Looking out over Illium, a new planet to the series.
The galactic stock market places bets on your outcome.
Taxis here to different parts of the city (missions).
Damn! She's always "just cleaned the bar..."
Stores are scattered around the galaxy and sell equipment upgrades.
Back to the Citadel, but to new wards in the sequel.
Plenty of stores on the Citadel for your upgrading needs.
C'mon, Shepard! Dance! Put your heart into it!
Scanning the planet Triodia for resources.
The hacking minigame where you have to select a box that matches a given segment.
Opening the weapon selection menu.
Out of a 2-year coma and already thrown into the action
Meeting Miranda
Leaving a small medical station in a shuttle
Docking Normany
Getting ready for a virtual talk with The Illusive Man
Talking to The Illusive Man
Male Shepard profile screen
Pinned down by the mech fire
Taking out the mechanical dog damaged the nearby mech as well
A bio-engineered Krogan warrior, sealed and delivered
Shepard has a few surprises of his own
On-board the Quarians fleet
Defending Tali in front of the council
Shepard on a mission with Tali and Jack as his backup
Recruiting Thane, the professional assassin
Seducing Morinth
Samara is ready to kill her daughter... but what will your response be to that?