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User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Overall User Score (7 votes) 4.2

Critic Reviews

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The Video Game Critic (Oct 30, 2010)
Even so, this is a terrific value considering how these games warp the time continuum and make crack look like a mildly addictive drug. This package sells for under $20, so run out and buy it immediately.
God is a Geek (Sep 08, 2010)
At 1200 microsoft points Plants vs. Zombies is an absolute steal (even if like me, this is the third version you’ve purchased it) and in a world where value is key, you’ll struggle to find a better value proposition than this title. 50 missions and 21 mini-games will keep you going for a long time indeed. The only thing that prevents it from perfection is the lack of online co-op, but nevertheless this is an absolute must buy.
Video Game Generation (Jan 15, 2012)
The game is a great deal whichever way you choose - for those who don’t have the two included games, the extra $5 on the disc version makes it a steal. The one downside to the disc version is that it cannot be installed to your hard drive, causing undue wear and tear on your Xbox 360 as you can easily lose several hours without even realizing it playing this very silly game. The gameplay does require some strategy and the graphics, colors and sound effects bring a lot to the experience. You can’t help but laugh at a lot of the situations you find yourself in, who you’re fighting against, and who’s fighting for you – it’s a real motley crew on either side of this lawn war, while you’re apparently oblivious inside the house. While there’s nothing really profound to impart this time around, I can’t stress enough how much goofy fun this one is. Highly recommended.
GamingEvolution (Oct 22, 2010)
Plants vs. Zombies is a very addictive tower defense title, which is right up there with the likes of another PopCap Games title, Peggle. While it does retain some of the core characteristics that other tower defense titles use, PopCap Games made sure to give this title its own flare and own personality to separate itself for the rest. While some may not see the reason the replay this title if they already have done so with the PC and iPhone versions, the inclusion of the multiplayer modes and unique approach to the leaderboards are more than enough reason to pick this up and show your friends whose the top dawg.
89 (Sep 07, 2010)
Ich liebe es. Wirklich. Ich liebe Plants vs. Zombies. Ich habe es auf PC, Mac, iPod und iPad mittlerweile fünf Mal durchgespielt, für den Test auf 360 ein sechstes Mal - und es wird einfach nicht langweilig. Okay, die Kampagne ist immer noch zu leicht, selbst die fiesen Abschnitte der Dach-Welt sind nur für Gamepad-Neulinge eine Herausforderung. Aber danach geht das Spiel erst richtig los! Allein die völlig abgefahrenen Minigames und Puzzles verdoppeln die Spielzeit locker - und kurbeln zusammen mit den Survival-Levels auch endlich den Schwierigkeitsgrad nach oben. Sehr cool sind auch die Mehrspielermodi, auch wenn ich es schade finde, dass ich nicht online drauflos pflanzen darf: Koop macht sehr viel Spaß, aber gerade die Gegeneinander-Variante ist der Hammer, der hier für viel Gekreische gesorgt hat! Da auch die Steuerung weich und locker von der Hand geht, ist Plants vs. Zombies auch auf der 360 ein klarer Gewinner. Auch wenn ich den MJ-Zombie wirklich vermisse.
GameSpot (Sep 13, 2010)
Plants vs. Zombies impresses across the board with ingenious game design, uncomplicated controls, colorful visuals, upbeat audio, a decent difficulty curve, and frequent player rewards. If you've never played Plants vs. Zombies before, it's time for you to spend 1200 Microsoft points ($15) and find out what you've been missing out on. And even if you've already devoted numerous hours to garden defense on other platforms, you should seriously consider doing it all again just to get your hands on the new Versus mode.
GamersGlobal (Sep 15, 2010)
Pflanzen gegen Zombies ist ein gelungenes und vor allem unterhaltsames Tower-Defense-Spiel. Dabei liegt der Schwerpunkt mehr auf der Unterhaltung und dem Humor als dem eigentlichen Tower-Defense-Part, der insgesamt weniger knifflig ausfällt als bei vielen Konkurrenztiteln. Doch trotz des eher simplen Schwierigkeitsgrades ist Pflanzen gegen Zombies ein Zeitfresser in kleinen Dosen, der immer wieder zum kurzen Verweilen im virtuellen Garten einlädt und auch viel Drumherum bietet. Wer noch keine Version des Spiels besitzt, sollte spätestens jetzt bei der 360-Version zugreifen.
Game Revolution (Sep 20, 2010)
There is so much to do in Plants vs. Zombies that it’s impossible to become bored with the game. Between the peashooters and zombies in scuba gear, you will be entertained enough to keep coming back for more. What the Versus mode lacks, the other modes easily make up for with fun and challenging gameplay. With that said, I need to tend my plants. You should take care of yours too. Just in case.
75 (Sep 30, 2010)
Plantes contre Zombies est finalement un tower defense relativement classique. Si son rythme lent et son aspect répétitif risquent d'en décourager plus d'un, les amateurs du genre trouveront là un titre bourré d'humour qui peut devenir très addictif. On regrette que le mode aventure ne propose pas davantage de challenges mais les nombreux mini-jeux et les modes multijoueurs plutôt sympathiques viennent heureusement combler ce manque.
VideogameUK (Sep 20, 2010)
PopCap, once again, prove that they are the kings of casual gaming, but it may prove a little too casual for some of the Xbox’s hardcore fan base. There are better tower defence games out there with more depth and the same level of comedy value, but Plants vs. Zombies is by no means ground breaking stuff. For many people, their interest may just simply wither and die like a neglected pot plant.