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Sam and Max's Excellent Xbox Adventure browned (126) 4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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From the fantastic writing to the appreciated DVD extras like character bios and concept art, Sam & Max Save the World ticks many of the right boxes in the first season's download. Crammed to the brim with a seamlessly linked storyline, simple controls, great music and quirky humour, it’s hard to find any significant complaints to make. Sam & Max's first real showing for the XBox has effortlessly proved to be one of the best current downloads on the Marketplace.
Gaming Nexus (Jul 15, 2009)
Sam & Max Save the World is not just the funniest video game of the year, it's the funniest thing I've seen on my television screen in ages. It features clever writing, thought provoking storylines, huge mysteries and enough puzzles to keep you going for close to twenty hours. The only reason you could possibly have for not picking up Sam & Max Save the World is that you are an enemy of comedy!
Retro Gamer (Aug, 2009)
Crikey. Has it really been two and a half years since Sam and Max made their triumphant return to our PC screens? It certainly is, an while PC owners are preparing to enjoy a third season, 360 owners finally get to play one of the finest games of the last decade. Indeed, start playing through this excellent value-for-money pack, which consists of all six episodes, and it's like the dynamic duo never actually went away.
Gamers' Temple, The (Jul 30, 2009)
Those with a soft spot for witty satire delivered from the mouths of a walking hound dog and his slightly psychotic rabbity sidekick are definitely encouraged to do their best to save the world.
Gamers Daily News (Jun 23, 2009)
Sam & Max Save the World is hands down one of the most expensive games on Xbox Live Arcade, weighing in at 1600 Points/$20. But that’s as a collection of six episodes that each last a few hours, so you’ll probably get around 15-20 hours of play from it and be laughing quite often. It’s a simple game, but it’s top-notch comedy and comes highly recommended.
Gamervision (Jun 29, 2009)
Since this is the third time this particular group of episodes has been released, there really isn’t that much more to say about it. If you didn’t play this yet on the PC or Wii, go ahead and download the XBLA version. It’s only $20, which is less than the Wii port was when it came out—and that was definitely worth the price. Sam & Max Save the World will give you about 10-12 hours of enjoyment the first time through, and the addition of achievements is good motivation to hunt for some extra tidbits you may not have known were in the game otherwise. Despite the fact that point-and-click adventures typically don’t have much replay value, I still enjoyed spending a few hours revisiting this game. The writing is excellent, the humor is great, and the characters are as lovable and fantastic as they have always been. If you haven’t saved the world yet, it’s about time that you did.
TalkXbox (Jun 30, 2009)
A few problems do rear their heads here; some have been with the game since its PC debut, while a hitch or two is unique to the 360 version. A universal problem that's still not fixed on Xbox Live Arcade is some audio syncing issues. Sometimes, when the camera cuts to a new angle during dialogue, it will repeat the audio clip, overlapping other audio that was meant to come before or after. On occasion, the voices won't come through at all, which can hurt the set up of a few jokes. Otherwise, this is a package that is really difficult to resist. The first season of Sam and Max is one of the funniest and most enjoyable experiences I've had playing games, and having it available on Xbox Live Arcade for just twenty bucks is an incredible steal.
Mygamer.com (Jul 01, 2009)
There really isn’t a question about if this game is worth the investment and download, because it is. Sam and Max are consistently funny throughout, the puzzles are clever and rarely overly difficult, and the world that they reside in feels fleshed out and tangible. This game is worth the purchase for any person who has a 360 and the internet to download the game, even if it is still a little rough around the edges.
Xboxygen (Jun 30, 2009)
Sam & Max fait partie des jeux les plus chers du XBLA, et cela se justifie par une durée de vie conséquente et par une réalisation globalement haut de gamme. Jouer à Sam & Max fout la banane, on ne voit pas le temps passer et on se demande sans cesse quelle sera la prochaine surprise. Il y a bien les quelques points problématiques évoqués, mais c’est très insuffisant pour ne pas retenir avant tout le plaisir simple et direct que donne ce jeu. Il souffre toutefois d’une autre limite, inhérente au genre : une fois terminé, il y a peu de chances pour que vous le ressortiez, à moins que vous ne souhaitiez vous refaire une petite cure de dialogues savoureux.
Wonderwallweb.com (Jun 23, 2009)
Sam and Max Save the World is a great title to have on you Xbox 360 and will entertain most people with its great humour, story and no fuss controls.
Giant Bomb (Jun 19, 2009)
Funny games are still something of a rarity, so even though these episodes of Sam & Max originated on the PC two years ago, they still totally stand up against more recent releases. Also, with six different episodes to move through, you'll probably end up spending something like eight to 12 hours playing through them all. When taken as one long game, the quality stays high throughout, making that $20 investment well worth the money.
TeamXbox (Jun 18, 2009)
It’s hard to say if Sam & Max Save the World will turn anyone on to the pair and their wacky adventures if they’ve never played them before. And series fans of the series undoubtedly played these episodes when they came out on the PC a couple years ago. But none of that diminishes the greatness of the property. Despite its retrograde interface and game design, Sam & Max Save the World still manages to please the old school gamers in us who have loved this wacky duo for years now.
IGN (Jun 17, 2009)
Those of us that crave these types of games can probably look past the jokes that are trying too hard and the inconsistent framerate to just soak up some classic pointing and clicking. Telltale is one of very few developers making these games anymore and they do it very well. It's too bad these adventures couldn't have been optimized for play with an Xbox 360 controller, much like Wallace & Gromit was. An analog stick is not an ideal point and click tool. The slow pace of these games isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan you'll probably get your fix with Sam & Max Save the World. Each episode will last you a few hours, so with around 20-25 hours of gameplay here for $20 this is a pretty good deal for those of us who have the patience.
Gaming Age (Jun 30, 2009)
And therein lies the problem with Sam & Max Save the World. Whoever in Telltale worked on the game spent a proper amount of time on making the concept art and dialogue shine, but far too little on making sure the presentation is up to par. It's a fun nostalgia trip for a fan of the series and a bit more accessible in general, but the whole affair feels more like a preview/beta build than an actual retail product.
Gamestyle (Jul 29, 2009)
While it may not be the return of a golden genre so many people fondly remember, Sam & Max: Save The World is still a game that should be supported. After all, if we don’t invest then there’s a good chance the genre could disappear once more and never return. It’s not a bad game per se, it’s just an incredibly illogical one. If for the second season they can address the problems then Telltale Games may be onto a game that can stand alongside the genre greats from yesteryear.

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