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Kwik Snax Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen (48k)
Title screen (128k)
Intro sequence (128k only)
Select island
Ice - collect all cherries to finish this level
Ice (bonus) - try to collect each banana
Ice - just crushed one enemy with ice block
Ice (bonus) - these levels are time limited
Ice - special bottle changed blocks to plums
Ice - island complete (128k only)
Clouds - every level contains different fruits
Clouds (bonus) - try to think out right track
Clouds - lost a life after touch of thunderbolt
Clouds - island complete (128k only)
Cuckoo - pick up knife and fork for immunity
Cuckoo (bonus) - choose a direction to go
Cuckoo - one of the enemies is pushed away
Cuckoo - island complete (128k only)
Zaks - barren dungeon full of perilous witches
Zaks (bonus) - Dizzy during fruits-collecting
Zaks - question mark hides some bonus
Zaks - island complete (128k only)