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Taito's Super Space Invaders Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Second load screen
The first of two credit screens
The pre-populated hi-score table, 'Great Splendid Heads'
Game options. It is possible to have two players using the keyboard and to define keys for both of them
Start of game. Player 2's screen screen shows even though this is a 1 player game. The marker at the bottom in the middle divides player 1 & 2's area - though each player can go to extreme right/left
Just checking the 'Pause' function.
The game really starts now
The invaders descend quickly. I've barely got a shot off and look how far down they've come!
I hit the big ship and it's dropping a pod labelled 'P'
They've nearly landed and I just lost a life. Pretty explosion though
Game over. Press 'FIRE' to play again or wait for the timer to run down.
The timer runs out and I have a high score, which means I get to join the great Splendid Heads. After this the hi-score screen is redisplayed and then it's back to load screen 2