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Upgrade (Skill / Boost)

Upgrade DLC is for added content that improves playable character in some way or adds increased resource gathering or experience income.

Some examples of Upgrade DLCs include:

  • Skill: new attack move, new taunt move, new weapon capabilities, etc.
  • Boost: attack, defense, health, resource or experience gathering, etc.

Skills are new or upgraded skills for a character or vehicle or any other controllable unit, while boosts are consumables that can boos certain actions such as attack, defense, health, speed, number of lives, and other things.

Concrete examples of skill upgrades would be something like:

  • New sword attack
  • New fighting technique
  • Ability to carry 3 instead of 2 weapons
  • Added ability to fly
  • Added ability to understand alien language
  • New multiplayer taunt move
  • New weapon type for an aircraft
  • Additional character lives
  • Ability to cross rough terrain

Concrete examples of boost upgrades would be something like:

  • Increased speed for 30 seconds
  • Increased defense by 5 points for all round shields
  • Premium account (which collects 50% more experience points)
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved steering
  • Decreased collision damage
  • Potion that makes mana deplete at a slower rate

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