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Created by Oddworld Inhabitants, Oddworld is a fictional universe and a series of games set in it. Most Oddworld games combine platforming gameplay with puzzle-solving. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (2005) is often considered a spin-off, since it is more oriented towards shooting gameplay and also has setting-related differences. However, all Oddworld games are united by the common lore of their fictional world.


Oddworld is a planet populated by various races, some humanoid, some resembling animals. The main continent is called Mudos; the most prominently represented race in the games are the Mudokons; the main protagonist of most Oddworld games, Abe, belongs to that race. Among the frequently appearing races are Sligs, Slogs, Paramites, Gabbits, Vykkers, and others - all of various degrees of intelligence and friendliness. One of the main conflicts depicted in the games is that between the Mudokons and the power-hungry, corporate Glukkons; the goal of Abe and other protagonists is usually to free enslaved Mudokons from the clutches of Glukkon leaders and their assistants.


Most Oddworld games have a puzzle-oriented approach towards platforming gameplay, similar to that of "cinematic platformers", in particular Another World (1991). A recurrent gameplay feature of the series is the relative helplessness of its protagonists. They are usually unable to use effective weapons, and must rely on cunning and stealth to avoid traps and outsmart the more powerful foes. Objects such as stones, chunks of meat, etc., can be used to distract enemies; Abe can also possess enemies and manipulate them to perform required tasks or simply attack each other.

A distinguishing gameplay element of Oddworld games is the so-called GameSpeak. Abe and other protagonists can communicate with some of the characters in the game by uttering simple phrases, noises, or combinations thereof. These can be used to give orders to friendly creatures, lead enemies into traps with possessed characters, memorize passwords, etc.



Praised for their originality, the Oddworld games, Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus, and Munch's Oddysee, are winners of nearly 100 industry and magazine awards, including 3 Gold Medals for Best Computer Generated Images at the 2002 New York Festivals Awards.

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