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Star Wolves is a series of real-time strategy (RTS) games with RPG elements. All missions take place in a 3D star map where the player controls his fighters and the mother ship (the Star Wolf). The fighters can board the mother ship for repair, rearmament as well as switching a pilot from one fighter to another. Because it is a 3D area the ships can move and attack in all directions. During the missions there is no resource management. The only resource (money) is collected by completing missions and by selling loot from destroyed enemies at trade stations between the mission. At the trade station the player has also the opportunity to buy new equipment for the ships.

The RPG part consists of equipping the ships with new weapons and devices as well as spending experience points to unlock new abilities. Each pilot has different abilities, some abilities have influence to all ships. Experience points are gained by completing missions and quest within the mission as well as for defeating enemies.

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