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A series of survival horror adventure games by Frictional Games played from a first-person interactive with a strong focus on puzzles and realistic physics. Originally announced as a trilogy, after the release of Penumbra: Overture - Episode 1 (2007), only one more sequel was announced: Penumbra: Black Plague (2008). However, after the release of the second game, the developers sent out word to release a third game, Penumbra: Requiem as a downloadable expansion to tie up all the loose ends.

The Penumbra games were preceded by the never fully completed Unbirth, on which development was started in 2001 with the basic idea was to make a horror game like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but in first person, with more stuff to examine and a little less violence. That initial game was eventually released in its unfinished state in May 2008 as a "goodie" for the community.

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