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MobyGames - FAQ - Miscellaneous


Can I use the MobyGames database for my own purposes?

Personal Use: You may reprint MobyGames' database for your non-commercial, personal use as long as you credit us in anything you publish, by name (MobyGames) or site name (www.mobygames.com) and provide a direct link. For commercial, large-scale use of the database, please contact us directly.

Can I use MobyGames covers/screenshots for my article/project?

You may use up to 20 MobyGames screenshots in an article or project, commercial or non-commercial, without contacting us. Simply credit us on text on the same page with 'Screenshot(s) via MobyGames' or similar and link to http://www.mobygames.com (if your project is web-based!) For much larger-scale use of screenshots, please contact us directly.

I don't see my favorite game in the database... where is it?

MobyGames is a huge database of video game information. Just check out our current stats if you don't believe me. However, as large and comprehensive as the database is we are still missing some games. If you own or know of a game that is missing from the database go ahead and contribute it.

Why were my screenshots/covers/description/whatever rejected?

Before we answer, we'll re-state our main goal: MobyGames is much more concerned with quality rather than quantity. That being said, there are some situations where submissions are rejected (and keep in mind that most of these guidelines are listed on the page you contribute with):

Screenshots may be rejected for one of the following reasons:

Box covers may be rejected for one of the following reasons:

Please review Cover Scanning Tips for more information.

If you disagree with these policies, email us at to offer your suggestions.

How do I enter special unicode characters, like international letters or extended ASCII?

Windows: While special and/or extended ASCII characters can be added by copying a single character out of the Keyboard Map program (in Accessories), a faster way is to hold down ALT and type the 4-digit extended ASCII code number on the numeric keypad. For example, es zet is ASCII code 223. So to enter it, you'd type ALT+0223, which should look like this: ß

A complete listing of the ASCII character set can be found here: http://www.terena.nl/library/multiling/euroml/tests/html-eurolat1.html or http://www.bbsinc.com/iso8859.html

You can find the archived Featured Article section here.

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